How To Make Sweaters & Vests

Knitting is one of the hobbies that take a lot of practice to master. You can start out by knitting some scarves or socks first and then you get better, you can learn how to make sweaters and vests. Sweaters and vests are useful during the Christmas season. You can give them out as presents or knit some sweaters and vests that you can wear. Find out how to make sweaters and vests.

These are the instructions for making a knitted vest.

  • Determine the measurements. Take not of the measurements that you need for the vest. You need the measurement for the waist, hips and bust. You also need the length of the vest. To do this, measure starting from the nape down to the hips. Draw a basic sketch of the vest that you want on a piece of paper. Label the parts and write down the measurements that you took.
  • Start with the base. Start knitting the base of the vest. This is the easy part since you just have to knit on a straight line until you reach the measurement of your dimensions. It is up to you what kind of stitching that you want to use. You can use simple stitching or more complicated ones. Use your measuring tape as a guide when knitting so that you know if you have already reached the measurement you desire.
  • Do the neckline. You will eventually reach the upper portion of the vest where the neckline is located. You can make a v-neck vest or a round neck. Start the base of the neckline a bit above the chest line and knit according to the shape that you want.
  • Complete the vest. Complete the vest by connecting the back and front parts on the shoulder seams. Connect the sides from the armhole down to the hips. You are now done with your knitted vest.

    It will be easier for you to knit a sweater once you already know how to knit a vest since it is just an extended version. Find out how to knit a sweater by reading the steps below.

  • Measurements. You can use the same measurements from your vest. You need additional measurements for the length of the sleeves and the armhole.
  • Knit a vest. Next, knit a vest according to the instructions above. Connect the front and back pieces together. You almost have your sweater.
  • Knit the sleeves for the sweater. Knit the sleeves by using the measurements for the length and armhole measurement that you made earlier. After knitting the sleeve, connect the lengths together to form the tube. Do this for both arms.
  • Connect the sleeves. The last step to do is connect the sleeves that you made to the vest. Connect the sleeves on the armhole and you are all done.

Now you know how to knit a vest and sweater. Remember that practice makes perfect. You might not be able to come up with a perfect sweater or vest the first time. As you get better, you can knit with different patterns and even add designs to your garments.


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