How To Make Tassels

Making tassels is fun and simple. There are variants on how you can make tassels. However, the basic principle is the same. First, you should decide what material you want to make the tassels out of. Next, you will need to determine the desired length of the tassels. Lastly, you will need to determine how thick you would like your tassels. When making tassels, keep in mind that most tassels are anywhere from six inches to ten inches in length and are at least eight strands thick.

To begin, you will need cord, yarn, or string depending on what material you plan to use. You will also need a piece of sturdy cardboard. You will want the cardboard's width to be the desired length of the tassels, plus about one inch. Wrap your tassels material around the cardboard repeatedly. It's important when making tassels to remember to keep your tassel material flat on the cardboard. You don't want to overlap it so that it bunches up. When your piece of cardboard is full, cut your tassels material.

It's important to note at this time that when you cut your tassel material, the length of the material is a little more than twice as long as the tassels will be. Next, to make the tassels, gather a desired number of strands of the material and fold them all in half so that the ends are even with each other. Cut off a four inch piece of string and wrap it around your material that is folded in half. Make sure that you wrap it about one inch below the folding point of the string. Tie the string in a knot and cut off the excess. Make sure that the ends of the tassel are even. If not, trim the ends so that they are even.

The last part of making a tassel is optional. It will really depend on the purpose of your tassels. If you will be hanging them, then you will need to make a hanger out of your string or other tassel material. Cut a piece of string about eight to ten inches long. Thread the string through the loop portion of the tassel. Tie the string in a knot and cut off any excess.

Repeat this process for however many tassels you desire to make. Now that you know how to make tassels, the possibilities are endless!


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