How To Make Tea Light Holders

Tea light candles are small, often one inch in diameter and can create instant romance in just about any room. These candles can create a mess if left to burn full or if not placed in a tea light candle holder. You can make your own tea light holder at home with a little time and creativity. Try the following project to create a simple wooden tea light holder at home.

Scrap piece of wood such as a 2”x4” or larger
Decorative paint, glitter or sequins
Polyurethane sealer
Drill with boring bit
Tea light candles in metal cups (you must use the metal cups or the candle could burn your holder)

  1. Prepare the wood base. Cut the piece of wood to desired shape and sand any sharp edges. Get creative with this step and make any shape you desire. Make a star, a circle or even just a square. Just make sure that for each tea light holder you want that you allow for an area at least two inches in diameter. You can make a single piece of wood hold several tea light candles or a single candle so let your mind wander to create an interesting shape.
  2. Decide where the candles will sit. Take an unused tea light candle. Decide where you want the candle to sit when burning. Trace the base of the tea light candle at that location with your pencil to mark the location.
  3. Drill the hole. Use a drill bit that is designed for boring holes. Boring bits come in various sizes. Choose a bit that is the same size or slightly larger that the tea light candle. Place the bit so that it matches the circle you’ve drawn then use the bit to drill a hole. Be careful that you drill straight down so the hole will be level and don’t drill below the height of the tea light candle. You want the candle to sit slightly above the height of the holder.
  4. Sand the holes. Use sandpaper to smooth any edges around the hole you created.
  5. Decorate the tea light holder. Feel free to decorate to your heart’s content with paints, glitter or even sequins and rhinestones. For a sophisticated and minimalist look consider a natural wood stain or solid color paint to cover the entire surface. Allow all decorations and paint to dry before the next step.
  6. Cover the decorations with a coat of polyurethane. The polyurethane coat adds shine to your decorations as well as a smooth surface. Plus if any of the candle’s wax overflows, it won’t remove your decorative elements if there is a coat of polyurethane to protect them.
  7. Insert the candles then watch them glow. Again remember that since the candle holder is wood, you should protect it from the heat and possible flame risk of the tea lights by only using tea lights that are in a protective metal cup.

Tea light candles can be used to create ambiance in any room. By making your own tea light holder you can personalize the space with your own designs and look.


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