How To Make Things Out of Metal Tins & Boxes

There are different materials that you can use for creating a number of crafts and items. Wood, plastic, and clay are used to make different art and household items. You can also use other recyclable materials to help save the environment from pollution. Metal tins and boxes are highly versatile and can be used to make a number of different crafts. If you want to know how to make things using metal tins and boxes, here are the things you have to do.

  • Gather your metal tins and boxes. Get the tins and boxes that you want to work on. Clean the surface with spray cleaners and paper towels. You can also apply lighter fluid to help remove the sticky side remains from price tags. Turtle wax can also be used to clean the tins and boxes, and can give them a nicer and shinier look.
  • Just make sure that you’re careful when using cleaners that can dampen the box as you risk accumulating rust on insides that didn’t fully dry before the lid was closed.
  • If the box has rust, rub them off with sandpaper or steel wool wet with water. Process the rusty area with light, circular movements, taking care not to damage areas without rust on them. Clean off the area with cold water or soft and dampened cloth. Repeat the process until you successfully remove the rust.
  • You can also use sandpaper to smooth out rough edges of your tin boxes. Having sharp points on your craft can end up hurting you and your friends. When handling these tin boxes, don’t forget to use leather gloves for protection.
  • Create a jewelry box. This may be one of the easiest craft you can make with a tin box. A metal box that contains a lid or snaps in place with a hinge can help considerably. Cut off two pieces of fabric that is of the same dimension as that of the bottom of the box. Sew three sides and fill the inside with cotton before closing it off to make a pillow for your jewelry.
  • Afterwards, you can either fill the insides of the box with additional fabric pillows, or apply glossy paint. Decorate the outside of the box with paint and beads for an attractive look. Let the paint dry before storing your jewelries, or wrap it with a ribbon to send as a gift.
  • Make a tin toy. If you’re on the creative and artistic side, you can make tin toys or sculptures. Use differently sized tin boxes and you can create a robot for yourself. Just put the pieces together using hot glue. When using hot glue, however, be careful to follow safety protocols so you don’t end up injuring yourself.
  • After allowing the glue to set, for a minute at the most, use paints or paint pens to help enhance the features and add additional details. Let the paint dry first before leaving it out on display.
  • If you want to display your work outside or in your garden, paint it with waterproof paint so the paint isn’t easily washed off, and the metal doesn’t end up rusting.

Metal tins and boxes can be used to make other crafts other than the ones mentioned above. Just make sure to clean and process your materials first before working on them so you remain safe from injuries and tetanus.


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