How To Make Tin Cans into Decorative Lanterns

Decorative lanterns are great additions to your home. There are plenty available in the market, but making your own lanterns is one of the best ways of getting lanterns that are decorated just the way you like them. If you have tin cans, you can use the cans to create different lantern designs. This is not only an economical way to have as many lanterns as you like but can also help bring out your artistic talents.

Things you need. You will need some candles, adhesive tape, coffee cans, pencils, erasers, modeling clays, awl, hammers, common nails, wire, and cutters. The materials needed are usually available at home like the nails, hammers, and cutters. If you don’t have the other materials, you can simply purchase them from local stores at a very affordable cost. The lanterns that you can purchase from department stores are more expensive and you can save a lot of money by investing on these materials instead.

Clean the can. Coffee cans are the best to use for the decorative lanterns. You need to peel off the label carefully. Wash it thoroughly and fill the can with water. Place the can inside the freezer and leave it until the water turns to ice.

Pattern. Choose a pattern that you can use (e.g. butterfly, bird, and other figures) and draw it on paper. To make sure that the design faces out, you need to tape the design in reverse. Lay the can on a rug or grass and start punching holes while following the design. For the handle, you will need to punch holes at the opposite sides of the rim. Use a wire for the handle and you can cut it using the cutter. Allow the ice to melt faster by turning the can upside down. The can should be dry once you place the modeling clay at the bottom. Put enough clay that can hold the candle securely in place. Stick the candle at the bottom of the can and hang it. Follow the directions carefully so that you can create a decorative lantern in no time.

Warnings. When punching the holes, you can use different nail sizes so that you can also create different hole-sizes. Be careful when using the hammer because you might injure your fingers. Be extra careful when sticking your hand inside the can while putting the clay or candle. The holes can cut your fingers. To make the lantern more beautiful and attractive, you can add color using barbecue paint. Barbecue paint is heat resistant so even if the candle is lighted, the paint will not go dull. It pays to be careful because the cans can cause you injury.

Now that you know how to make decorative lanterns from tin cans, you can now make one at home. You can even encourage other family members to help you out especially the kids. Again, follow the warnings above so that you or your kids won’t get hurt. The more helping hands you can get, the more lanterns you can make and you can also generate more ideas for the designs. Aside from creating lanterns, you will also enjoy the bonding moments with your family. 


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