How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

You want to keep your kids busy with an easy crafting activity. Or maybe, you want something to decorate your house for a party. But, you’ve got nothing but excess tissue papers. No worries--make tissue paper flowers! This old-time craft can be a fun bonding activity for you and your kids. Plus, the finished product can be beautiful enough for a fancy party decoration. Besides, there are so many ways to make flowers out of tissue papers. These ways vary from the simplest to the most complicated. The result varies, too, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Below are different techniques on turning your excess tissue papers into flowers:

Carnation. Mimicking the look of adorable carnation flowers is one of the easiest and simplest in tissue paper flower making. You’ll need about seven facial tissue papers for this, a thread or any thin string, scissors, and water color. Choose plain white tissue papers or use colored papers.

  • Spread out each tissue paper and then fold it to make a paper fan or accordion fold. Do this for all the tissue papers. Put the folded tissue papers on top of each other and then fold them in half. Bind them on the closed fold by tying them together with a thread. A stapler can bind the papers, too.
  • Separate every layer of the tissue papers so they’ll form a fluffy flower like a carnation. Decorate the flower by painting its tip with your chosen water color. Spread some glitter glue, too, for a sparkly look.
  • Make a lot of carnation tissue paper flowers and then place them all in a bread basket or anything that is wide and about three inches deep. When put together, the flowers can serve as an interesting centerpiece.
  • You may provide a stem for the flowers. A long stick or wire can be attached to the flower using scotch tape. Wrap the stem with green or brown tissue paper.

Rose. Spread out a tissue paper and then roll it neatly, providing a small hole in the middle. Press on the rolled paper about one inch from the tip. Doing this separates the flower from the stem. Hold on to that and then twist the longer part to make it thinner for the stem. Meanwhile, fix the shorter part to make it look like petals. You may paint the petals of your desired rose color and the stem with green.

Water lily. Spread out a tissue paper and fold it like a fan. Fold the paper crosswise in half. Make the two ends meet and then cut the paper like a one-pointed leaf. Be careful when cutting. Start cutting the stem on the folded part. The petals will bind together with this method.

  • Spread the paper out and you’ll see that the papers are cut into pieces. Arrange the petals, making a round shape, only that their center must be in tacked. Staple the center. You may also form a small ball using a white tissue paper and glue it on the center. The ball will hide the staple wire.
  • Besides cutting the paper into a leaf shape, you can also cut it into heart or round shape. The finished flower will have different petals, too.

Try cutting other shapes also or folding the tissue paper in a different way. The effect could be different. But what matters is that you have created beautiful flowers out of your excess tissue papers.


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