How To Make Velcro Handcuffs

Handcuffs are usually used by police officials for arresting criminals. However, handcuffs are used for other purposes nowadays. Kids love to play with plastic handcuffs when they are role playing. Some use handcuffs for kinky moments. It is expensive to buy the original ones. These steel-made cuffs are usually pricey. So if you are not a cop and you only want to use it for something else, just make an improvised handcuff. There is no need to use steel materials. A Velcro handcuff is easier and cheaper to make. Do you want to learn how to make one? Check the instructions below.

Here are the easy steps on how to make Velcro handcuffs:

  1. Gather the things you need. These are the materials you need to prepare for this project: adhesive Velcro, duct tape, hot glue and scissors.
  2. Measure the wrist. Get a tape measure. Measure the size of the wrist. This should give you an idea for the length of the duct tape.
  3. Cut the duct tape. Cut two identical lengths of duct tape according to the size of the wrist. Put a little allowance to keep the cuffs loose. An extra 3-4 inches to the original length should do the trick. It will make the cuffs loose enough but not too much to make the hands go through the holes.
  4. Fold the tape in half. Fold the duct tape in the middle. Let the two ends meet then stick them together. Flatten all air bumps with the handle of the scissors. The present length of the tape should now be half of its original size. Do the same thing with the other piece of duct tape.
  5. Put the Velcro in place. Cut four pieces of the adhesive Velcro. Each piece should measure about 3-5 inches each. Glue a piece of Velcro on all ends of the duct tape strip. Use hot glue to make the Velcro stick properly. One end should have a soft side and another end should have the scratchy side.
  6. Link the cuffs together. The middle parts of the cuffs should be back to back. Tape the centers in a perpendicular movement. This will secure the cuffs in place. You are now ready to use your Velcro handcuffs.

Velcro handcuffs are kid-friendly, too. You can avoid accidental wounds if you let your kids play with these cuffs. The materials used are cheap to buy so you can make replacements whenever you want if the olds ones are worn out. Also, if you need handcuffs for role playing, you can make as many as needed. It is really easy to make these cuffs. You could even teach your kids to make one for themselves. This way, they do not need to bother you if they want to play cops and robbers with their playmates. Just let them use school glue instead of hot glue. They might burn their fingers with improper use of the glue gun. Have fun making these cuffs and enjoy using them.


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