How To Make Vinyl Signs

Vinyl signs have become the new wave in America and across the seas.  It has become very clever and unique.  Using vinyl signs has taken away much of the stenciling and paint smears that happen when you have to work quickly and on a deadline.

The first thing you want to do is sketch up your design first on paper with pencil.  This way you can accurately come up with your idea and not have to use numerous vinyl pieces because you might have messed up.  Once you have your idea sketched out the next step you will want to take is to obtain your vinyl sign.  Make sure that you have the sign custom made or cut down to the shape you want it to be, this way you do not have to do it later and possibly cut the wrong area and ruin your images.

Once you have your vinyl, you will want to sand the board down a bit where the image will go.  Once it's sanded down use a slightly damp cloth to remove any dust that may be remaining.  Once you're done with this you will want to prime the board by applying the base color.  Use numerous coats evenly until you have your desired color in place.

Once you've got those steps finished you will want to let the board completely dry so you will not have your colors running.  Once your boards are dry move on and begin by placing your different layers on the board.  Always start in the center and work your way out, that way you're not having to smudge your work or painting yourself in a corner so to speak.  Make sure that if you're using vinyl letters that you use a ruler or something with a similar edge to make sure that your letters are in place and you're not getting bubbles or a crooked image.

Make sure that you rub each image or letter one at a time, this way you are ensured that you are not going to get bubbles once again.  Make sure that each step is perfected before you move onto the next one.  Always keep an eye on your work, do not let your attention stray to other things around you, that way you know that the work's done right the first time and you will not have to go back and redo it over.


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