How To Make Wedding Favors

Nothing says thank you to your guests more than wedding favors. To show your appreciation and gratitude for the friends and family who have joined you in celebrating one of the most special days of your life, you should prepare wedding favors. Contrary to popular belief, however, wedding favors do not have to be expensive nor do they have to be difficult to make by yourself. Here’s how.

  1. Lanterns. One of the wedding favors that you can make for your bridesmaids is a lantern that will take the place of the usual wedding flowers and bouquets that the bride’s maids carry. One of the advantages of the lantern is that it both gives a soft and gentle light during the actual wedding ceremony, and can be kept by the bride’s maids after the ceremony. Choose a lantern that can be lit with a votive candle. Classy lanterns that you can use are those that are covered by Chinese paper and with a frame of darkly varnished wood. You can add ivy or fern on the cover of the lantern during the wedding ceremony, and even attach a flower or two.
  2. Candles. Another classic wedding favor that you can give for your guests is a candle. You can choose either candle sets or one large decorative scented candle that comes with its own glass candle holder. You can make your own by taking old wide mouthed jars and filling these with molten wax and a wick. If you want to add scents, you can add essential oils to the molten wax mixture before pouring it into the glass jars. If you want to give the wax color, you can purchase wax dyes which will melt and combine with the votive candle wax.
  3. Cups. Cups and mugs are not only long time wedding favors preferred by many couples, but is also a very useful favor to give away. One of the primary advantages with using cups and mugs is that you can personalize these by getting messages, photos, and patterns printed on the mugs and cups.
  4. Plants. One of the rising favorites when it comes to wedding favors is small potted plants. These are very easy to take care of, and will require only minimal care, such as watering every now and then. You can paint your names on the terra cota pots, and then attach a small leaflet with instructions on how to take care of the plants. If you are unsure about the green thumb status of your guests, you can choose cactus plants which can live happily in a pot with just a few drops of water every few weeks.

Whatever wedding favor you choose, one of the best ways to personalize the gifts for your guests is by creating hand written notes for your guests. As much as possible, give a personal message for each of the guests, and have you and your soon to be spouse sign the message. Through these easy steps, getting pretty and meaningful wedding favors is easy.


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