How To Make Wedding Reception Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to show your appreciation for guests, as well as an excellent way to add decoration to the table setting during the reception. Usually, the favors are available on the dining table where each guest will seat. Although there are plenty of ideas for wedding reception favors, one of the problems that plenty of soon to be married couples face are the price tag that comes with commercially purchased wedding reception favors. Here’s how you can create your own inexpensively.

  1. Glass favors. Glass favors are growing in popularity because of the range of decorations and styles that can be incorporated into the glasses. You can use glass jars that are filled with colored sand and sea glass, which can then be used as décor for your guests’ homes, or as paperweights. These are very easy to make and are very inexpensive. Afterwards, seal the glass jar with cork and then tie a tulle ribbon on the neck of the jar to finish off the glass favor. Add a note tide with a bit of length, expressing your gratitude for the guests. Apart from glass, you can also try out mug wedding reception favors. Place these in small favor boxes which come in plenty of colors and designs. The mugs are not only charming, but useful as well.
  2. Candle favors. Another favorite when it comes to wedding reception favors are the candles. There are plenty of candles that you can make at home. Using only food coloring, candle wax, and essential oils, you can create your own colored and scented candles. Heat the wax and combine the coloring and the oils in a pot and allow to simmer. Once hot, place these in cupcake molds, with wicks taped to the bottom of the molds. You can dip the wick in hot wax first to make these stiff enough to stand on their own. Once the candles harden, you can place these in small votive candle holders, and attach ribbons and a note.
  3. Scents. For couples with sophisticated female friends as guests, you can give away scents as wedding reception favors. These scents can easily be made by combining vodka with essential oils. You can mix and match to create the perfect scent. Just keep in mind to use base oils such as sandalwood, to give dimensions and various tones to the perfumes that you are making. These perfumes can then be stored in small bottles or fancy atomizers which are available at low rates when purchased in bulk.
  4. Lavender bags. Finally, you can create your own lavender bags. These are small pouches that contain fresh lavender flowers. These are traditionally placed in drawers where intimate clothing is stored, to give the clothes a fresh and floral scent. However, you can also use the lavender bags on your purse, bag, or simply leave it under eth bed for pillows that smell wonderful at night.

Creating wedding reception favors does not have to be difficult or expensive. With a carefully thought out favor and a few yards of ribbon, charming and useful favors can easily be had.


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