How To Make Wedding Rice Bags

Traditionally, rice is showered on newlywed couples as a sign of prosperity and fertility, because rice is usually associated with a plentiful harvest. On the day of your wedding, you can create your own wedding rice bags that guests can use to shower you and your new spouse with rice. Here’s how.

  1. Purchase the materials. You will need pre-cut mesh sheets, lavender and various other fragrant herbs, ribbons, rubber bands, spoons, a bowl, baskets, and white rice. The pre-cut mesh sheets will hold the rice, while the herbs will be used to give the rice a beautiful scent that the bride and groom will not mind having on their clothes. When it comes to buying the rice, you can purchase the cheapest type available, since the rice will not be eaten in any case. The number of mesh sheets, rice, and other materials for the wedding rice bags will depend on the number of guests that you have.
  2. Prepare the herbs and rice. In a bowl, strip off the unscented leaves and the stems from the herbs. Next, cut the large chunks of herbs into smaller sizes. Add in some rice to the mixture and combine with your hands. You will know that you have placed enough herbs if you can smell the rice. Apart from the herbs, you can also use potpourri. In some states, rice throwing is illegal since it can harm the birds that are native to a given location. If so, you can substitute the rice with bird seeds, especially if the wedding venue is home to plenty of birds.
  3. Fill in the bags. Once the maître is prepared, place around two to three spoonfuls of rice and herbs into the mesh sheets. Make sure that the mesh sheets will have an inch or two left, to make tying the bags easier. Apart from the rice and herbs, you can also add in very small colored beads to add a bit of color to the rice bags. Or, if no colored beads are available, you can also use flower petals that match the wedding colors.
  4. Tie and display. Once the rice bags are made, the next step is to close off the mesh sheets using rubber bands. Make sure that the rubber bands are not too tightly attached to the rice bags, since the rice bags need to be easy to open for when you leave the church or the ceremony venue. One the rubber bands are in place, take a piece of ribbon and use it to create delicate bows on the rice bags. To display the rice bags, you should take at least two large baskets which will be placed near the doors of the wedding venue. Add the rice bags here, and tie ribbons on the basket. You can also add lace sheets at the bottom of the wedding basket, to give the basket a touch of color.

Making your own wedding rice bags is easy and inexpensive. Through these easy steps, you can start you and your spouse’s road to prosperity by saving up on wedding items such as the rice bags.


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