How To Make Wooden Picture Frames

If you have excellent artwork or photographs that are in sizes that are not usually covered by the run of the mill picture frames, you can create your own picture frames from wood. Apart from being able to tailor the dimensions of the picture frame according to your needs, you also save money that custom made wooden picture frames will cost you. Here’s how.

  1. Measurement. Begin by taking the exact measurements of the picture that you will frame. Apart from the initial measurement, also allow some space that will allow you to center the image in the center of the frame. Usually two to three inches will give the pictures inside the frame enough space to ‘breathe’ and not seem too cramped. Next, take the measurement of the width and then multiply the figure by eight.  The result should then be added to the length of the sides of the frame. The resulting figure should then be divided by 12, to get you the length of wood you need in feet.
  2. Purchasing the materials. For the wooden picture frames, the best materials that you can use are wood moldings which are available at most hardware stores. These moldings come in a variety of patterns, and you can choose whichever goes well for your painting or picture. Make sure, however, that you also account for the width of the frames. For each inch of frame, you will need to add six more inches of wood to the length of the molding or crowning that you will purchase.
  3. Cutting. Next, take the wood pieces and cut them to the approximate size of the picture frame. Once you have cut the wood pieces, you will need to attach these to mitre boxes to allow you to cut the wood ends to the correct angle of 45 degrees. You can use a handsaw to finish the job and cut the edges. Do this for all eight edges of the four pieces of wood that will make up the frame. Afterwards, take a sand paper and carefully remove the splinters left behind by the saw. Make sure, however, that you do not flatten the edges of the ends of the wood.
  4. Gluing. Finally, attach the wood pieces to corner clamps and then use some glue to let the pieces together. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes, and the remove the wooden edges from the corner clamps. You can then use V nails to secure the frames tightly into a whole. Once this is done, you can attach a screw that will be used for hanging the picture. Place a glass sheet on the frame, the picture, and backing made from cork covered with felt paper. Glue or use double sided tape to keep the picture from sliding down from the backing. Use a wood clip to or a very small nail to keep the backing in place.

In just a few hours, you should be able to create your own homemade picture frame. You can then hang the frame, or give these as gifts for your friends.


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