How To Make Wool Bracelet Cube Motif

This wool bracelet is not just a great accessory for teenagers and young girls alike; it is also being used as friendship bracelets. The patterns for the original friendship bracelets have been created by the Native Americans. According to tradition, a person ties the bracelet on a friend’s wrist and that friend can make a wish. If the friend never takes the bracelet off until it gets worn-out and naturally falls off, that person’s wish will eventually come true. There have been many variations to the design of these bracelets. The one that you will learn here is the wool wrapped kind, decorated with cube patterns.  

  • Assemble the materials you will need. This project requires very few supplies. You just need colored wool threads, a plastic folder, a pair of scissors, and a lighter for sealing the ends of your string.  
  • Wrap the plastic band with wool. Cut the plastic folder about 1 cm thick and 15 cm long. Cut thirteen strands of same colored wool, about thirty five centimeters long. For this project, we will use blue wool threads. Put this over the plastic band, letting about ten centimeters hang on each end. Using your left hand, (or the right, if you are left handed) hold the wool and the plastic at the left end of the band.
  • Get another piece of string, red this time. Remember, you can choose any color that you want. Place it at the back of the plastic band and hold it using your forefinger. Take the red string and wrap it around the band and wool at least twenty five times. Smoothen out the wool with your fingers. Take another color of wool, yellow, and wrap it around the band around ten times. Start wrapping to the left of the initial loops.

    After making the ten loops, take both threads that you have been using to wrap around your plastic band and loop it together four times around the band. Let go of the red wool and make another ten loops. Add another layer of color by using a strand of different colored wool. For this, we will use pink. Starting at the left end of the loops that you have already made, begin running the pink thread around the band at least six times.

  • Add the cube designs on your bracelet. Lift up two strands of the blue thread, get the bottom and top most strands. Loop the pink wool another six times. Get the rest of the blue strands and lift it out of the way as you make another six loops using the pink one. Repeat these steps until you have at least two small blue cubes. Make a big blue cube at the center of your bracelet by lifting all thirteen strands and looping the pink thread thirty times. Repeat all the steps in reverse order to make the inverse of your pattern.
  • Finish the bracelet. Once you have the design that you want, make a knot using the last piece of string that you used to loop around the bracelet. Trim the red, yellow, and pink colored threads so the bracelet will look neat. Clip the excess plastic band using your scissors. Get your lighter, or any source of heat, and burn the ends of the plastic band. Seal the ends by pressing down the melted part onto a flat surface. On one side, divide the blue threads into two groups and twist them around each other. Knot the strands together. Do the same for the other side. Your bracelet is now finished.

Now that you know the basic steps in making cube patterns on your bracelet, you can check out other guides to discover more intricate patterns for embellishing. You can even incorporate glass beads into your design to make an even more charming friendship bracelet to give to your daughter, sister, or friend.


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