How To Make Your Amateur Music Video Look Professional

You are about to make your first amateur music video and naturally you want it to look as polished and professionally done as the commercial variety. You would think that this is not possible with a limited budget. But if you know the basic techniques for making videos, you can pull it off. Here are some useful tips to make your amateur video look professional.

  1. Think up of a concept for your music video. A music video serves to complement and make a song more meaningful. This is why you have to see to it that the visuals of the video will match the message of the song. If the song is about a woman's struggle through depression, then a girl scantily clad in bikini frolicking on the beach just wouldn't make sense.
  2. Create a storyboard for your music video. Coming up with a storyboard for your music video is important. A storyboard serves as the guide for the shoot. Plotting out each and every imaginable scene you want to include in the music video will save a lot of time and resources as well. When creating the storyboard, you have to include details such as the location, props, and equipment. The number of personnel, say you want to add dancers, should also be determined in this stage.
  3. Use handheld video shots in moderation. Blurry and erratic movements caught on video are annoying to watch. To avoid this, you might want to use a tripod more often.
  4. Use zoom sparingly. Another annoying practice commonly made by amateur video makers is the excessive use of the zoom. If you cannot avoid this, then pause the camera first and set it to your desired zoom level before you get the camera rolling again.
  5. Pay attention to the details during the post production stage. Now that you are done shooting and you have the raw video in hand, then it's time to head out to your computer to have it edited. Pay attention to details such as cutting out pointless shots. You may also want to add visual effects during this stage. This is also the phase where you'll lay the audio onto the video. Make sure the transitions of the video correspond to the song's rhythmic accents. 

You can always enlist the help of experienced individuals. Film students who are looking to build their portfolio may be interested in helping you create your music video for free. And do not forget to show the final video for assessment. This way, you know the audience's comments and suggestions and use them to improve your future work.


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