How To Make Your Own Action Figure Stand

One popular hobby is collecting action figures. Most serious collectors do not take their action figures out of the box. But for those who want to display them, it is often difficult to do so because action figures do not come with a stand.

If you are an avid action figure collector, why not make your own stand for those action figures that you want to display outside of the box? Most of the materials are available at local craft stores, hardware stores or on the internet.


  • Pre-cut wood
  • Wood glue or Epoxy
  • Wooden dowel rod
  • Drill
  • Wire
  • Spray paint for wood or wood stain and polyurethane finish
  • Marker
  • Exacto knife, box cutter or utility knife
  • Fine sandpaper


  1. Select a pre-cut wood for the base. These come in different shapes, sizes and thickness. The size of the wood should depend on the height and weight of the action figure. You can find pre-cut wood in craft stores and hardware store or in online shops such as: Factory Direct Craft, Hobby Wood and Cincinnati Dowel and Wood Products. If you don't want to paint the wood later on, you can choose to stain it after which apply a polyurethane finish to protect the wood. Use two or three coats.
  2. Drill a hole in the base the same diameter as the dowel rod. The placement of the hole will depend on where on the base you want the dowel rod to stand. Remember that the action figure's back will be leaning on the dowel rod.
  3. Get the dowel rod and hold it against the back of the action figure. Mark the point on the dowel rod that is the same height as the action figure's neck. You can make an incision where the mark is using an Exacto knife if the dowel rod is only half an inch in diameter. From the incision mark, simply snap off the excess. If the dowel rod is more than half an inch thick, use a box cutter or a utility knife to cut any excess rod. If necessary, you can smooth the end of the cut portion of the dowel rod with fine sandpaper.
  4. Insert the dowel rod in the hole of the pre-cut wood. You can put wood glue or epoxy inside the hole before inserting the wooden dowel. Allow this to dry completely.
  5. Spray paint your pre-cut wood and dowel if you preferred not to stain and finish it earlier. Black, silver and gold are popular colors for the base. Otherwise choose a color that will match the display case or blend with the room.
  6. Use a wire to attach the action figure. Hold the action figure against the dowel then wind a wire around the chest of the action figure going towards the back. Tie the wire around the dowel.

It is really exasperating when you want to display your action figures but they don't have a stand (which is almost always). Not everyone would like to keep their collectibles in their original boxes. With some woodworking skills, you can easily create your own action figure stand. All of the materials are available online or at your local hardware or craft store.


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