How To Make Your Own Cell Phone Pouch

These days everybody has a cell phone, which is taken everywhere. If you keep your cell in your hands while you are attending to something, chances are, you drop the phone accidentally. However, if your phone is kept inside your bag, when it rings you never know. To solve the problem, a cell phone pouch is recommended. Cell phone pouches are available in different styles and sizes. Some people, especially those who like to have a distinction of their personal items, like to have a customized cell phone pouch.

Here is how to make your own cell phone pouch.

  1. Gather your materials. You may choose from a fur or a scrap fabric, or whatever you would like the phone to be kept safely in. Scissors, thread and needle are important materials to be included. If you want your phone to be cozy and safe, you can also include a piece of foam to line the inside of the pouch. This will serve as a cushion.
  2. Measure your phone so you will have an idea how much fabric and foam it will use. On the measurement, add about an inch for your seam allowance.
  3. Measure your fabric in such a way that the phone lies cozily inside once you sew it. Cut your fabric when you are already sure about the measurement.
  4. Cut the foam that you are about to line the fabric with. Then baste it on the fabric so it is attached to the fabric safely.
  5. Fold the fabric with the right sides facing each other. You will not be mistaken because the foam lining must be outside. Draw two vertical lines on the sides so that you sew it straight.
  6. Sew the fabric on the two sides. The foam lining must be included. Then unfold it. The foam lining must now be inside.
  7. Make a crease on the top edge of your pouch. Allow a shoulder or hand strap inside the crease before you sew it.
  8. Add some embellishments in your pouch. You can sew decorative buttons on the pouch to give strong attachments to the foam lining. You can do this before folding the pouch to be sewn or after it has been sewn on the sides. This finishes your cell phone pouch.

You may start making your own cell phone pouch as a hobby. When your friends see your finished product they may ask you to make one for them.


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