How To Make Your Own Chalkboard

Photo of chalkboard
Chalkboards have a lot of different uses. You can let your child use them to practice writing, drawing, and even teaching (I spent hours as a kid teaching my stuffed animals). They are also good for you to keep track of important dates, leaving messages for others in your family, and keeping track of other important bits of information. Chalkboards can be expensive, especially if you want larger ones, or fancy ones with divided sections or calendars on them. Now you can make your own chalkboards, easily and inexpensively.

Step 1

Find a base. The easiest base to find is one that is made from a smooth board. You can find particle board that has a smooth finish or that is covered with a paper cover. You can also use dry wall (especially good for left over pieces), plastic, or metal. These are good things to recycle. The largest advantage to using metal is that it will also be good for using magnets on.

Step 2

Wash your base and let dry. Using warm water gently wash your base. If using a material that could absorb the water (such as drywall) use a slightly damp sponge to make sure it is clean. Let it dry thoroughly before you begin.

Step 3

Prime the surface. To make sure your chalkboard paint sticks well to the surface you will want to prime it with a good primer.

Step 4

Paint with chalkboard paint. Once your primer has dried thoroughly you can paint the surface of your new chalkboard with chalkboard paint. It comes in black or green and you can either brush it on or spray paint it. Either way thoroughly coat your board with the paint and allow to dry. If need be, add a second coat.

Step 5

Condition your board. Once your paint is thoroughly dry take a piece of chalk and turn it sideways. Cover your board thoroughly with chalk. Take a soft damp sponge to wipe the chalk off. This will condition your board and make it easy to write on.

Step 6

Optional-Make a frame for your board. If you are wanting a nice finished board you can frame your chalkboard with a purchased frame or make your own frame out of the wood of your choice. This can allow the board to decorate as well as be a useful tool.


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