How To Make Your Own Chinese Food Boxes

Chinese food boxes, sometimes known as food cartons, are a great idea for children’s favors for a birthday party.  Not only that, they can be used for other social events such as baby showers, bridal showers, holiday parties, or wedding receptions.  Of course, they can be purchased, but handcrafted boxes can look so much nicer and have more of a personal touch. The instructions included here are to make original, large-sized food boxes but keep in mind they can be made any size.

To start off, a clean Chinese food box is needed.  Other materials include cardstock, scrapbook paper, a glue stick, and scissors.  Some type of material is needed for the handle and this can be anything from wire to ribbon.

Carefully take the food box apart at the glued seams and remove the wire handle.  This will be used as your template.  Trace the box onto your cardstock carefully noting where all the fold lines and glue tabs are.  Once it is traced, you want to draw the fold lines onto the cardstock.  Trace as many as you will need, cut out, and set aside.

Repeat this process onto the scrapbook paper that you have chosen.  Be sure to trace the template onto the back of the paper.  Once again carefully note where the fold lines and glue tabs will be.  After the patterns are cut out they will need to be assembled.

Assemble the boxes according to the fold lines and glue tabs.  Use the original box to help with the assembly.  To give the cardstock sharp folded edges, score the fold lines.  This is done by taking a sharp object and tracing the lines that are to be folded.  This enables it to be folded neatly and creates crisp edges.  Repeat the process with the scrapbook templates.

Once everything is cut, glue the scrapbook template onto the cardstock template.  This is best done using a glue stick.  The scrapbook paper should fit nicely overtop the cardstock.  This is the time to do some trimming of the cardstock if necessary.

On either side of the carton, make two small holes, just big enough to fit the handle through.  If using wire, measure it to the size of the original wire you disassembled.  Insert the wire into the holes from the outside and bend the ends on the inside to form a loop.  This will prevent the wire from falling out.  Decorative ribbon can also be used.  Insert the ribbon the same way you would the wire.  Tie a big knot on each end of the ribbon to prevent it from pulling out of the box.

Now comes the fun part in filling the boxes.  There are many things to consider so try basing it on your theme.  A holiday assortment of candy, nail polish and girlie items for a girl’s birthday party, mints and nuts for a wedding reception, the ideas are endless.


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