How To Make Your Own Clay Pots

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A clay pot can be used as a flower vase or pot for plants. It can also be an indoor decoration or in the garden. But most especially it is used in the oven to cook and prepare specialized dishes. Some clay pots are expensive. Sometimes the pot design is not the one you prefer. In times like this, you can make a decision to make your own clay pot. Here are the steps on how to make your own homemade clay pots.

  1. Prepare the materials:  spray bottle, with water; spoon, dry clay; and acrylic paints.
  2. Get the clay out of its box, and warm it by rubbing it back and forth between your own hands. It is important to maintain the round shape of the clay to remove or minimize the air bubble in the clay. If there are plenty of air bubbles in the clay it will be difficult to coil it to form a pot.
  3. Roll the clay to form a long rope. This will be the wall of your pot. Its thickness or thinness will decide how thick or thin the wall of your pot will be. The length of the clay rope determines how big your pot is.
  4. Get the one end of clay rope and make a tight circle for the base of your pot. Decide on you how big and thick the base is, but you should always remember that if the base is too small and slim it cannot support the pot that is big.
  5. When the base is made, add and make the wall of your pot. The base should be quite moist when you add the wall of your pot. Put one end of the rope clay on the base and coil it up until you rich the size and height you want for your pot.
  6. Polish your clay pot. With the use of a spray bottle, spray the pot to make it moist, and easy to polish.
  7. Use a spoon or your fingers to flat the edge and body of your pot. By polishing it, the pot would not collapse or fall apart. Smooth the pot outside and inside although some pot makers just polish the outside surface.
  8. Dry the pots under the sun.
  9. Paint and design the outside surface of the pots, and dry them again under the sun.

Making your own clay pots can give satisfaction. Your own craftsmanship is enhanced and could be used in your own kitchen. At first it can become a hobby but later it can become an income-generating business. When the whole family engages in this kind of interest, the time consumed together becomes the best bonding moment with each and everyone.

How to make your own clay pots can add to one’s knowledge of doing a worthwhile thing. Successful businessmen start as small business owners without employees other than their own family members. Depending on how the business is managed, it eventually becomes big and the owners could have the most desired financial freedom.


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