How To Make Your Own Custom Trophies

Trophies are symbols of achievement and recognition. If you don't like the choices offered to you, you can always order online. If it is just a simple trophy you want to make for children, you can make one on your own.
Custom trophies can be easily made once you know what type of award you want. You can make different types for whatever sport you want. It can be about baseball, soccer, hunting or even something showing the love for boats and motorcycles. It can be cheap yet lasting. You just need to be creative to make good and unique trophies and awards. Here's a simple way to make one.

  1. Get hold of a wooden base; you can paint it any color you want but of course black is better. Black gives that seriousness and sincerity to an award.
  2. Get a Thermacol sheet and grab some papers. You can buy a Thermacol sheet at any bookstore near you. A blank sheet of nice paper would do or you can get a shiny one.
  3. Draw an image that you want the trophy to show, for example draw a basketball. Make sure that you can make a good figure, otherwise you will just make a below standard award. Have someone with an artistic skill make it for you.
  4. Glue the Thermacol on a piece of paper. Keep in mind that it can be a bit messy so you have to be careful. Let it dry out a bit, then you can paint over it as you like.
  5. Attach it to a wooden or a Thermacol base.
  6. Attach paper to the base to write the name of the awardee.

You can also order online and choose from different designs. You can order crystal awards and plaques and almost anything with regards to achievement. Here are some sites.

  1. A1trophy - You can choose from different trophy designs; just select from a dropdown menu where you can click on the type of column stand, the figure and the achievement type. Examples are cheerleading and basketball. You can get the engraving for free and choose what it will say. There are loads to choose from to make your custom trophy the way you want it to be.
  2. MTM Recognition - This site gives you quality customized trophies. Their catch phrase is "if you can imagine it, we can create it." It is highly regarded in the corporate world for its extreme assurance of quality. They do this to give a record of the most rewarding and memorable moments in your life.
  3. Awards Zone - This site gives you choices on what type of trophy, column and figure or image. It even has a free monthly draw plus an online support. It is proud of its record of having attention to detail and error free engraving.
  4. Trophy Works - This Web site has been in the business since 1987 and has even won awards for being the best company for trophy and award making. That should convince you to customize your trophy on their site and experience the easy way of going about it without suffering on quality.

A customized trophy is better than just buying one because it gives more appreciation to the receiver. Whether your trophy will be made of Thermacol, wood, paper or crystal, what matters is if you give it to the person deserving the award.


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