How to Make Your Own Dust Cloths

When you clean your house, what is more irritating than dust? You will find and see dust almost everywhere in your house. A few days without cleaning or dusting your furniture is enough for dust to get everywhere, particularly on dark furniture. In the market, there are lots of rugs and cloths that can collect and hold dust, but they are quite expensive and you need to spend a lot of money to buy them. You can make your own dust cloths that do not cost a lot of money. A treated dust cloth can reduce allergies because the dust particles are being collected rather than spreading into the air. The following steps may be followed to make your own dust cloths.

  1. Prepare all the materials—two squares of small towels or cloths; needle and thread; pail or mixing container; oil of lemon; and water.
  2. Get the two squares of cloth, thread and needle. Put the cloths together and sew the three sides to resemble a pocket. One side should be left open to slip your hand into.
  3. Mix the lemon oil with water in the pail or any container. Soak the sewn cloth in the solution inside the pail and squeeze the excess water.
  4. Hang the cloth to dry.

Instead of new cloths or towels, old unused materials in the house can be made. These may be old flannel diapers, flannel remnants, old t-shirts, jogging fleece, and old baby receiving blankets. Old flannel diapers, flannel remnants, and old baby receiving blankets may be cut and sewn according to the size of the dust cloths you used to have. For thicker dust cloths, flannel diapers may just be folded and sewn so that nothing of the part is wasted. Same goes with the other old materials to avoid wastage.

The lemon oil and water solution helps in bringing the dusts clinging to the dust cloths. It polishes furniture and leaves a fresh smell inside the house. After cleaning, wash the dust cloths with warm water and laundry soap. They should be kept dry and ready to use during the next cleaning time.

Once the dust cloth has been submerged into the lemon oil solution, it will always be oil-moist that even if you do not have the lemon oil and water solution, the dust cloth will always give a polish look to your furniture. However, it will be much easier to collect the dust if the cloth is newly submerged into the solution and squeezed dry.

Making our own dust cloths is not a difficult task. Sewing is a simple elementary activity. One need not attend sewing classes in order to make a homemade dust cloth. The solution is also very simple. Lemon oil can be bought from the supermarket. Mixing it with water does not require skills to make the solution. Washing the dust cloth after every activity and drying it are also simple tasks. What could be a problem that may hold you in making your own dust cloths?


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