How To Make Your Own Garment Labels

Creating your own garment labels is not as hard as you think. Personalized garment labels are useful if you have kids and you want to make sure that their pieces of clothing do not get mixed up with other clothes. Using garment labels is also a great idea if you do not do your own laundry or if you have certain pieces of clothing that need to be dry-cleaned.

In creating these garment tags, you will need: graphic label software, iron-on transfer papers, ribbons, an iron, soft cloth and a computer with an inkjet printer. Here are the steps for making your own garment labels:

  1. Create the Labels. The first thing you have to do is to create the cloth labels that you are going to stitch on your garments. Use the graphic label software to do this. You can choose the color of the font, the size of the font and the font style. Make sure that you do not choose fonts that are too fancy. Choose ones that are readable. In most graphic label software, you can choose a pre-made template and just type in your name.
  2. Print the Labels. After you have finished designing your apparel labels, you can print them onto the iron-on transfer paper. Be sure to check which side to print on before feeding the paper on the printer. Choose the “print” option on your computer and wait for all of the labels to be printed out.
  3. Cut the Labels. After the labels have been printed, you can already cut them out in individual pieces so you can start working on attaching them to your garments. If your labels do not have cutting grids, you can just make your own by using a ruler and drawing the grids with a pencil.
  4. Cut the Ribbons. Cut ribbon sizes that will accommodate the size of your labels. These are the ones that you are going to place on your garment. The most ideal size labels are 1 by 2 inches. You can adjust this measurement based on the length of your name or the print that you are going to use.
  5. Iron on the Label. You can now iron on the labels that you printed out on the ribbon. Set your iron on low heat and start ironing the transfer paper on the ribbon. See if the label has been fully transferred on the ribbon. Remember to use an iron with no steam as the steam can ruin your label.
  6. Stitch. When you have transferred all of the labels to the ribbon, the last thing to do is stitch the ribbon to your garment. Use thick ribbon so that the labels won’t be detached from the garment when you do the laundry.

These are the easy steps for making your own garment labels right in your own home. You can create colorful labels and add fun designs if you are going to make labels for your children’s clothing.


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