How To Make Your Own Hot Process Soap Molds

If you want to make soap as a hobby, one of your most important materials is a soap mold. You can buy ready-made soap molds, but then again if you want to save money you could make one yourself. There are lots of possibilities creating it, just be creative and think of new ways to come up with one.

  • Know the different types of soap molds. There are varieties of materials you can use in making the soup molds. The popular choices are the one made with silicon and the other is using a wooden material. There are lots of advantages in using silicon material. First of all, it is heat-resistant. It is also nonstick and flexible, which makes it easy to mold into your desired shape. Wooden soap mold’s main attraction is that it is very quaint and interesting. It is cheaper and natural.
  • Prepare the materials in making silicon soap mold. In using silicone, you can use different kind of objects that you want to copy or represent the shape with, like a china mold. You will need silicone plastique (it must be a food safe silicone material) the object you chose to replicate.
  • Prepare the object you will use. First decide which object you want to replicate. Then clean the object using a brush. Make an effort cleaning the detailed shape and cut of the object to get its beautiful shape freely.
  • Mix the silicone substance. Get the two parts of the silicone plastique substance and combine it together. Knead it along with each other to incorporate each one until the colors of the two substance blends well. Knead it until the dough feels malleable or flexible.
  • Make the shape. When you are done kneading, quickly apply the dough in the chosen object then apply a layer properly. Make one-quarter inch thick. You must focus on every crevices and curve of the object. Remember to achieve the exact shape of the object. However, you must be fairly quick in doing this procedure because the mold will set or harden already for as soon as ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Finish the mold. Set aside the mold for about an hour to let it dry. Then if it’s thoroughly dry you can start removing the shaped object. Now it’s done! You have your silicone soap mold.
  • Know how to make soap mold using wooden materials. These are the things you will need in making your wooden soap mold: scrap wood, hammer, nails, handsaw and tape measure.
  • Do the measurements. Here are some references that you can follow. Make a 5 1/2"x 13 1/2" for the bottom part, next is 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" for the end part. Finally, make a 2 1 ½” x 12” for the sides. Then start cutting the wood using a handsaw.
  • Put the pieces of wood together. Start combining the pieces of the wood that you cut. Glue them together and then nail them together. You are now ready to use it.

Creating your own soap molds is almost as fun as creating the soap itself. Definitely, whatever effort you exert in making this tool will pay off once you start producing large batches of soap. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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