How To Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk is one of the rocks existing in this world that originated from sedimentary family. The geology of rocks states that this kind of rock is basically made from the gradual accumulation of a mineral called calcite.

Chalk does not erode easily because of its hardness. It can actually form into a cliff or even into hills like the famous chalk hills in Cottingham, Yorkshire. It also has several uses for mankind. It can be a natural reservoir of water in times of dry season because of its nonporous property. It can be of great help in agriculture as soil neutralizer, in sports as an agent to remove moisture in an athlete’s palms, as a toothpaste ingredient, or for educational purposes like blackboard chalks that are used to write on a blackboard or chalkboard.

Its traditional use as a memo board, blackboard and bulletin board ink are the most remarkable functions of chalk. Its use and quality is similar to a dry erase board marker or white board marker. Educational chalks come in variety of colors present in Crayola crayons. It may also come in larger versions as in the sidewalk chalk that comes in white, cream or other colors and is commonly used for pavement or street painting by artists and children who are into art.

Sidewalk painting is a great way to spend extra time. With the use of sidewalk chalks, it will be easy for you to create your work of art on the sidewalk. Here are some guidelines on how to make your own sidewalk chalk:

  1. You will need: water, Plaster of Paris, duct tape, container for mixing, empty toilet rolls or anything that can be used as a molder, powdered tempera paint in different colors and a paint stir stick.
  2. Gather all the supplies from a bookstore or department store. Make sure you have all materials so that you can create your sidewalk chalk.
  3. Find something you can use as molds. The best idea for this is to use used toilet paper rolls, but you can also use a small paper cup or anything that can be used for this purpose.
  4. Cover one end of the toilet paper roll with the use of duct tape, leaving the other end open for chalk filling.
  5. Mix 2 cups of water and 2 cups of Plaster of Paris. Stir it up, paint, and mix well. Use a paint stir stick then add a spoonful of powdered tempera paint. You can add some more tempera paint until the mixture achieves the color you want.
  6. Get the molds and fill each mold carefully. If you are using a toilet paper roll, just fill it up directly. If you are using other material as a molder, press the mixture firmly to get good packs of chalk.
  7. Set aside the sidewalk chalk and let it dry. Wait until the chalk’s texture is firm and dry. This may take a few hours depending on the humidity and the sizes of the molds you filled in.
  8. When the chalk feels dry and firm, take it out from the molder and allow another 24 hours to dry completely. Use and enjoy the newly made sidewalk chalk for your art activities.

Painting is one of the best ways to express ones creativity and talent. The use of sidewalk chalk is a unique way of painting and is a great outdoor activity as well. Follow the procedures above and you will have your own version of sidewalk chalk and experience the fun it can bring.


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