How To Make Your Own Stuffed Toys

All children love stuffed animals. Girls and boys alike are great fans of stuffed animals. Even teenagers and sometime grownups still have a thing for stuffed toys.

You might think that stuffed toys are hard to make. Actually, they’re not. You just need patience to learn the tricks of the trade and you could easily make one on your own. If you are a parent, this would make a great bonding activity with your kids. This endeavor gives you the chance to use your creativity as well as imagination to create a tailored stuffed toy that will fit the personality of your child. Your finished product may not be as sophisticated as Russ stuffed toys, but it will be extra special because you made it yourself. Here are simple steps you can follow when trying to make a stuffed toy.

  1. Select a pattern that you want for your stuffed toy. There are several patterns on hand for you to choose from, from stuffed dolls, stuffed monkeys, stuffed cats and stuffed bears. You just have to choose what you want to create. Various patterns and materials are available at fabric and craft stores. You could also purchase some over the internet.
  2. Once you’ve chosen the pattern, you need to select the fabric that you will be using for the pattern. Fabric choice is an important aspect. Use a fabric which cannot deform the animal when it's stuffed. A fabric that adapts well to the pattern is your best choice.
  3. Gather the things that you will need, such as: fabric, stuffing, scissors, thread or yarn, buttons, decorative elements, and sewing machine.
  4. Learn the pattern pieces and study the instructions before starting the project. Understanding how to do each step before starting makes the task easier; this way, you can avoid confusion along the way. Lay the pieces of the pattern on the fabric before you cut them. Make sure you leave the pattern paper attached to the fabric pieces up to the point when you use them. Finding the correct pieces is easier this way. It is important that you follow the given instructions with care, and remember to take enough time.
  5. Sew the pieces together following the pattern. You could use a sewing machine to do this, or you could stitch them by hand if it is too hard to do using a sewing machine.
  6. After sewing the patterns together, make certain that you allow a big enough hole to put your stuffing into. Place your stuffing on your sewed pattern. It is important that you put enough stuffing. Close the hole by sewing the patterns together.
  7. It is now time to add the decorative items such as painted or button eyes, nose, mouth, yarn tail or mane for stuffed horses or lions, ears or horns, and other ornamental touches. Before admiring your finished stuffed toy, apply last minute touches.


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