How To Make Your Own Techno Music with the Best Beats

Become a DJ and Make Your Own Techno or House Music

Techno music is mainly an instrumental genre, mixing electronic and dance music. It originated in the locality of Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s. Originally relying on the use of banks of synthesizers, multi-tracking, hardware sequencers and drum machines, this can now easily be duplicated with many software programs.

There are two main types of techno music that both involve mixing together two separate audio or .wav files and adding a beat or drum pattern. In one type, the "mash-up," two different tracks are mixed together with the beat and other musical sounds or elements. There is also the "bootleg" form where another artist's recording is mixed and modified with additional sound and other music tracks.

  1. You will most likely want to choose a software program that uses "loops." Loops can best be thought of as snippets of prerecorded music such as several measures of a particular drum beat or a particular riff on a saxophone.
  2. In most software that uses loops, you can select a loop and load it into a track or drag and drop it there.
  3. You can increase or decrease the length of the loop by grabbing the edge of it with the selector tool and stretching it out or compacting it. The program will also allow you to set the tempo or speed of the beat.
  4. You can add other loops or even prerecorded songs and sounds to other tracks. You can make these longer or shorter as well.
  5. You can add a drum loop or two, or create your own. Techno beat has time marked with bass drums on each beat and hi-hats on every off beat.
    Techno Beats
  6. There is a lot that can be added to this basic beat structure.
  7. When you play your mix or export it to a wav. file, everything you have added will be mixed together.

House music originated along side techno and has a very similar beat frame, the main difference being that house uses more instrumental sounds with more of a jazz or Latin feel to it.

Some software will even let you mix your sounds in "real time," (as you are playing or recording) which is a lot of fun, but any software that lets you drag and drop loops will work.

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