How To Make Your Own White Board

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You can make your own, inexpensive white board or dry erase board. They can be any size you desire and save you lots of money. White boards can then be used for writing notes, aiding in classes (especially good for homeschools), practicing writing, and even having some good clean fun.

Step 1

Gather supplies and tools. A trip to your local hardware or home improvement store will let you find everything that you need.

  • Base board. It works best if you have a 1/4-1/2 inch plywood board as your base board. This will give you a good mounting surface and it will also give the board good stability.
  • Melamine. Melamine is a particle board with small pieces that have been pressed together. It has a white plastic coating on one side and is often used as "shower board" and installed in bathrooms. It will be about 1/4" thick and comes in a wide range of finishes. You will want one that is smooth rather then textured or lined.
  • Liquid nails. This is a form of strong bonding white glue that is used in many different hardware purposes and will hold the Melamine to the plywood.
  • You will also need screws and other mounting hardware to mount your board on the wall.
  • A drill will be necessary to drill through the melamine and the plywood.
  • A stud finder can make it easier and safer to mount this on the wall.  

Step 2

Find your studs. It is best to find your studs first. This is the safest way to hang your board, especially if it is large. Measure out where you will be screwing your board into the wall and mark it on your board and on your melamine.

Step 3

Pre-drill your melamine and your plywood. You will want to pre-drill both your melamine and your plywood. It is best to do this separate because the melamine is less likely to crack, break, or chip that way. However, you must be very careful in your measurements this way.

Step 4

Apply your glue. Apply the liquid nails to the plywood and then carefully place the melamine on top of it. Gently press it down all the way across. It is also a good idea to use a paint roller to help even it out.

Step 5

Mount your board on the wall. Carefully mount your board using your pre-drilled holes. You will want to make sure that you are drilling into the studs.

Step 6

Keep your board clean. This board is a little harder to keep clean than an expensive white board. However you can clean it using a Mr. Clean eraser or ammonia and water solution.

Step 7

One last tip. Plywood and melamine come in 4'x8' boards. This makes a huge white board that is great for homeschools, offices, and other locations where a large white board can be of use. However, if you want a smaller board that can be done easily. You can have the hardware or home improvement store cut the boards into sizes that will work for you.


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