How To Measure to Make a Lid for a Porcelain Teapot

Pottery is a very engaging activity. It may start from a hobby which can later become a business venture if you have the drive and determination to do so. One of the most liked pottery items are porcelain teapots. They are not just decorative, they are functional as well. You can use them to adorn an otherwise drab book shelf, or you can use them for serving tea and other beverages to your family and guests.

Making porcelain teapots is quite tricky, especially when it comes to the lid part. Your lid must fit well into the brim of the teapot so it will not slide or fall off. When making a lid for a porcelain teapot, the right measurement should be carefully taken. Here are tips on how to measure to make a lid for a porcelain teapot:

  • Get ready with a good pair of calipers. These tools are used in measuring the diameter or width of circular objects. They resemble tongs or clamps which are used in picking up objects by clipping them between the clamps. A good pair of calipers should have jaws that are flexible enough to accommodate at least a 180 degree angle diameter.
  • Hold the bottom of the calipers and place the edges of the clamps right on the center of the interior rim of the lid part. The interior rim is the widest portion of the teapot cover. Stretch the calipers up to the extent of the interior lid from both ends. There are no numbers or inches indicated on the calipers, so you just have to leave the measurement as it is on the calipers. Take care that you do not accidentally alter the measurement by closing or opening the calipers.
  • Put down the calipers and start molding the lid. Turn the mold repeatedly, mentally calculating if it has reached the desired diameter. Stop the molder for a few seconds, get the calipers and fit in the mold. If it is still too wide, reshape the lid again until such time that the calipers fit perfectly well on the width of the inner part of the lid you are molding.
  • Measure the center part of the opening of the teapot where the stem of the lid shall rest. Again, use the calipers in taking the measurement. Place the calipers on the center of the lid opening. Adjust the calipers in such a way that the clamps are just a centimeter away from the inner rim of the teapot opening.
  • Set down the clamps on a table and continue working on the lid. Pull the stem and rotate a few times, then stop. Get the calipers and measure the stem of the lid. If the stem is too wide or too narrow, reduce or increase the measurement by rotating the molder again. Check the measurement of the stem again with the calipers.

Measuring the lid of a porcelain teapot is a very delicate job. If you take the wrong measurement, the lid will not fit in and you have to work on the mold again. Once the lid has hardened, it already goes to waste and you have to make an entirely new set.


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