How To Mosh in a Mosh Pit

There are a lot of things that parents just do not understand. They do not get why you need that iPod so badly.  They do not understand why you have to express everything you do on your blog. Your dad would never understand why you need to play videogames that long everyday. Your mother will never approve of the dark make-up you wear.  But, perhaps one of the things they will never ever understand is moshing and the exhilaration it brings.

Moshing is the violent and intense dancing that you do while inside a mosh pit. A mosh pit is a group of people in a mob, like people dancing around in a circle at a concert. If you have never seen it before, you are in for a shock. People jumping around having fun while listening to good and loud music. Nothing can be more fun than this activity.

If this is the first time you are attempting to mosh, then you might be safer if you are well informed. With this handy guide on how to mosh in a mosh pit, you can dance all you want while remaining safe. So strap up and connect with your inner punk as you stage dive for the first time into the mosh pit.

  1. Rules are there for you. A mosh pit is not about body slamming someone else to the floor. It is just an extreme way to dance and express you self.  When someone falls down, try your best to lift him up. If he is hurt, start by calling some of the venue personnel before helping because it can get really crowded in the pit and you might just end up on top of this other person. It is uncool to cop a feel. Metal heads respect each other in the brotherhood or sisterhood of rock. Don’t hit other people. If you accidentally do, which tends to happen, tap them on the shoulder and say sorry. Moshing is about releasing angst through dance, and not violence. If you are outside the pit and you see someone struggling, go ahead and get him out. Just make sure you can handle the pit yourself. Another way to get someone out of the mosh pit would be to lift him out and have him or her body surf his way out.
  2. Be aware. Being inside a mosh pit is equivalent to drowning in a sea of people. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. This will help a lot when it comes time to get out of the pit. Also, be aware of how you are feeling. While you are in there, it is easy to get carried away by the adrenaline. If you feel dehydrated or tired, get out as soon as you can to take a rest before it is too late and you can’t get out by yourself anymore.
  3. Protect yourself. You can start by wearing the right clothes in the pit. Boots work well in the pit compared to sandals. If you wear sandals, chances are you will get your feet trampled on. Don’t wear fancy clothes inside a pit. Nobody is going to notice anyway. Brace yourself for all the contact you will get. Protect yourself using your arms but not to the point that it looks like you will be hitting somebody.  Try covering up your face if you feel that you will be hit by a random head or hand.

Moshing is a fun activity if done safely. You can join in the fun even at any age. Who knows, maybe your parent can dive in for some fun? After all, they don’t have to get it. They just need to have fun as they thrash around in a mosh pit.


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