How To Move your Shoulders in Belly Dancing

Did you know that belly dancing is being taught by the mothers to their daughters to have an easy childbirth? It sounds very interesting piece of information, right? Belly dancing has originated many moons ago and its approach of dancing has developed over the years. In other countries, belly dancing has become their way of life.

For someone who had tried belly dancing, it is a good recommendation for a total body workout. It’s also common for beginners to be frightened in learning the sensual dance. Some says that they feel intimidated and uncomfortable when learning belly dancing since it seems to arouse men’s sexual drive. Although once you learn the routine or the dances, it is actually a fun, fun workout. Given the fact that it is a provocative dance, you would appreciate how your body moves even more.

Once you hit the dance floor and attempt for belly dancing moves, you would absolutely feel a different level of confidence. While having a wonderful time dancing the routine, people would be happy to watch you as well even without the costume.

There are several methods to learn the techniques of belly dancing. You can either join some classes which sounds more interesting or purchase an instructional DVD and test it in your home. Just a reminder, your posture is genuinely vital when you belly dance. In fact there are books available on how you can maintain a good posture while belly dancing.

The most common movements in this dance are the shoulder shimmies. Experts say that the central core to shake your shoulders back and forth is muscle control. So here are some simple steps for doing the shoulder shimmy.

Step 1: Be mindful of your posture. This has been said repeatedly. Your dance will certainly appear poor if you cannot sustain a good posture constantly.

Step 2: Try shaking your shoulders to release any tension that you may feel. Aside from posture, confidence is the key in order to have a good projection.

Step 3: Bend a little forward and draw your right shoulder up, then drop away in front of you.

Step 4: Let it draw back where it was earlier, then replicate again the similar step with your left shoulder.

Step 5: Remember that in doing the shoulder shimmy, your chest should not be moving.  So take time to practice in front of the mirror and allow your playful side to radiate.

If you are looking for a different kind of activity, belly dancing is an instant hit most especially if you share it with your mom, sisters, aunts, and girlfriends. Just the thought of wearing those multi-colored costumes, the exhilarating dancing moves that alleviate your muscles, isn’t the workout you ever dreamed of? It seems that this dance has the whole package to be enjoyed by every one of all ages. As a matter of fact, belly dancing celebrates every woman’s natural curves. So instead of lying down the whole day, make that move, join the fun, and shake your heart out!


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