How To Needlepoint a Tapestry

Tapestry art emerged as early as the 16th century. Since then, this art has continued to evolve, having different styles, different techniques, and different methods. Among these is combining needlepoint and tapestry.

Needlepoint is similar to cross stitching only that the threads or yarn are sewn horizontally and vertically, instead of forming an X. Tapestry, on the other hand, is weaving, not actually sewing. Needlepointing a tapestry simply means using the needlepoint techniques to create tapestry arts. Traditionally, to needlepoint a tapestry means covering an entire cloth canvas with yarn and threads as if these were woven.

Basics of Needlepoint

Today’s needlepoint is already referred as tapestry. But again, the difference between the two is in the technique. In needlepoint, you can leave some parts of the canvass blank but to create a tapestry, every single point should be covered.

Here are the basic things needed to needlepoint a tapestry:

  • Canvass. This is a cloth similar to that used in cross stitch. You can find this in different sizes but the usual is that with bigger holes than the cross stitch cloth. The smaller the holes, the more detailed your tapestry art will be. But smaller holes are usually hard to work with especially for people with weaker eyesight.
  • Needle. Put into consideration the size of the needle’s eye. It should be big enough so that the yarn or threads you will use will fit through it.
  • Yarn/Threads. This is available in various colors, styles, and sizes. For beginners, you should follow the instructions in tapestry patterns.

Once you have all these, you can start to needlepoint a tapestry.

Tapestry Patterns

Learning to needlepoint a tapestry will require some practice and more practice. Start practicing using the basic and simplest tapestry patterns. Below are some sources for the best tapestry patterns for beginners:

  • Needle N Thread. This website offers free tapestry patterns and cross stitch patterns. Find some simple patterns to start with or you can be inspired to create unique art with the featured tapestry creations.
  • Tapestry Crochet. Here, you will find interesting crochet and tapestry designs of clothes, bags, and other accessories. This blog also features some tapestry patterns for those learning the art.

Most tapestry artists make their own patterns before starting their needlework. It’s also possible for a newbie to create the same since the idea behind the pattern is as simple as working with coloring book. It’s recommended you start this way rather than start your needlework without any pattern to guide you. Other artists do that and they can surely do great works. Their experience on tapestry should be credited for that unique ability.

There are lots of things to learn about how to needlepoint a tapestry. Don’t rush, though, because you will lose the fun. What’s important in art is to take your time. Work on your own pace because after all, tapestry is an art and not a work. As long as you enjoy playing with thread colors, you surely can enjoy learning more about tapestry.


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