How To Neutralize Liquid Soap Paste

If you are making you own liquid soap, an important step in the process is to neutralize the soap. One method for this is the Catharine Failor method. This is a widely used method for soap neutralization. In order to get the clearest soap possible and make a soap that is mild to the skin, neutralization is a must. This prevents too much lye from being in the soap, lye can burn the skin and is not pleasant. Here are instructions for neutralizing the excess lye from your soap, creating a milder end product.

You will need a pot or a Crockpot, access to water, boric acid or Borax, and a utensil for stirring the solution. These are easy to find items and you should have no problem locating them.

Make a solution of either 20 percent boric acid solution or 33 percent Borax solution. To make the boric acid solution use 8 oz. of boiling water and add 2 oz. boric acid. If you prefer the Borax solution, use 3 oz. in 6 oz. of boiling water. During either process stir well and make sure the solution stays very hot. If the solution does not stay hot enough the mixture will not mix into your soap.

Add a neutralizer based on the pounds of soap paste, 3/4 oz. per pound. It is important to remember this is for the paste, without the added water. Be careful not to use too much neutralizer because this can cause cloudiness in your soap. Always round down instead of up when doing your measurements.

Pour your neutralizer into the re-heated soap mixture stirring well as you do. Do this slowly, one ounce at a time and let the mixture stand between ounces. Make sure there is no cloudiness in the mixture before adding the last of the mixture.

Making your own liquid soap can be a fun and enjoyable process. You can make a very personal product by adding color or fragrance that you find pleasing. This is a rewarding way to do something creative and insure that you and your family are using a safe product made with the best ingredients. There are many resources for the process of making the soap, but the Catherine Failor method is considered the gold standard in neutralizing the soap. This is a method that has been widely used by soap makers for many years and does a great job of neutralizing the excess lye, making your soap a better product.


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