How To Not Take Fall Damage in World of Warcraft

A player character faces many challenges in the World of Warcraft. Most of the time you sustain damage during combat encounters. But sometimes your surroundings can also reduce your health points if you're not careful. Fall damage occurs when your player character jumps from a dangerous height. You can use items, abilities or skills to cancel or reduce fall damage.

  1. Use special items. There are numerous special or magical items to be found in the game that one way or another can help diminish or cancel fall damage. Some of these items can be bought and some of them are quest rewards or loot. The Noggenfogger Elixir can save you from any fall damage and is available by completing the similarly named quest which you will receive in the Gadgetzan area when you interact with Marin Noggenfogger. The limitation of this item is that the Slow Fall aura it grants is only one of three random effects and lasts only 10 seconds. An item that can be bought is the Colossal Parachute. It can be purchased from the vendor Kalin Windflight in the Feralas section of the game. The Parachute's limitation is its 20-minute item duration. This means that if the item is not used within than time period, it will expire from your inventory.
  2. Use your playing character's abilities. Player characters have various abilities based on their class and they can use them to avoid fall damage. A mage character for example can use the Slow Fall ability gained once he or she reaches Level 12. This spell needs a Light Feather reagent to work and lasts for only 30 seconds. A Level 34 priest character gains the ability to Levitate. This works the same as Slow Fall and also needs a Light Feather but the effect lasts for 2 minutes. A warrior character doesn't normally have spell-casting abilities. For this type, a well-timed use of the charge combat ability can mitigate fall damage. Right before hitting the ground, a warrior can enact a charge to avoid the fall damage. This requires good timing on the part of the player and something or someone to charge at located at the end of the drop.
  3. Depend on your character's skills. Skills just like abilities are inherent to character classes. If you happen to play a rogue character you can use Safe Fall to reduce fall damage when jumping from heights. 17 points of fall damage can be reduced through this skill. The same amount is reduced by a druid character's Feline Grace skill. The condition is that the druid must first shapeshift into Cat form. This skill is similar to the rogue skill in that it is dependent on Energy and combo points.

Remember that fall damage is classified as environmental damage. This means that general damage absorption abilities or spells won't prevent it. Only those that are specific to fall damage are effective.


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