How To Obtain the Ultimate Sports Bobblehead Collection

A bobblehead is a toy, specifically a doll. But, it’s not an ordinary doll that you would want to play with. It is a collectible, and since it is more likely to be displayed on a shelf than actually played with as a doll, it is also an ornament. Bobblehead dolls are also known as bobbing-head dolls, nodders, or wobblers. Their striking feature is that of a disproportionately larger head attached to the body. The head, however, is not connected solidly to the body. Instead, it is attached to the body by a spring so that the slightest movement upon the doll will cause its head to nod, wobble, or bobble. That was how the bobblehead got its name.

Bobblehead animals are very common. You see bobblehead dogs and cats on dashboards of many cars. But, not only animals are frequent subjects of bobbleheads. Human figures, too, are frequent subjects of bobbleheads—athletes and sports figures never the least of them. If you consider yourself the ultimate sports fan, you surely wouldn’t miss out on having bobbleheads among your sports item collection.

Where can you get bobbleheads of your favorite sports player? The first gold mine of sports bobbleheads is, obviously, your favorite team’s sports shop. They will definitely have stocks of bobbleheads resembling the team’s popular members or fans’ favorite players. Some team shops also sell resemblances of the team’s mascot. The sports team’s shop is your first primary destination if you want to create an ultimate collection of sports bobbleheads. Sports memorabilia stores may also have a shelf full of sports bobbleheads just right beside the row of sports cards.

You might also want to go for the rarer stuff. In this case, your destination is antique stores. More often than not, you can find many antique sports items that you can throw into your collection. Antique bobbleheads, of course, can appear in antique shops. Being antiques, they can also cost you much. But, who cares about the price if you’re an ultimate sports bobblehead collector, right? If you can’t find one in a particular store, be friendly to the owner. Who knows, she or he might be able to refer you to other antique shop owners who have vintage wobblers.

Search online for bobblehead e-stores. Most of these websites have a huge catalog of bobbleheads of different sports players - from golf, to basketball, to hockey, to football, and more. You can order your bobblehead online and have it shipped to your doorstep, ready to be welcomed into your bobblehead collection. The official websites of your favorite sports teams may also sell special and rare collectible bobbleheads. While you’re online, you might also want to check auction sites like eBay.

Make sure you are up-to-date with the schedule of your favorite sports team. Teams frequently hold promotional gimmicks to bring in more game viewers. It is not uncommon for sports teams to give away bobbleheads as part of their promotional gig. They might even give away - or sell - bobblehead items that you could never buy elsewhere.

For a die-hard sports fan like you, no price is too great for a bobblehead doll of your favorite sports players. Now that you know where to look, you should be able to complete your ultimate sports bobblehead collection in no time.


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