How To Organize a Treasure Hunt for Adults

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A treasure hunt is a party game that children and adults can play. A series of clues are given to individuals or teams that will lead them to the treasure or prize. The treasure hunt for adults can have more complicated clues and bigger venues that will provide hours of fun and bring out the child in them. Here are some suggestions on how to organize a treasure hunt for adults.

  1. The Venue. The treasure hunt can be held almost anywhere you choose, although you should locate a venue that is safe and won’t put participants in danger. You can use your home and backyard as the venue if you’re having a party. Make sure fragile items are kept out of the way; this also creates more room for participants to move around in. The treasure hunt can be held out in the open but if it is in a public place make sure no one will be bothered by participants and get a permit if one is needed. A great place would be at a park, where there is lots of open space and plenty of hiding places.
  2. The Prize. Most often the prize doesn’t mean much to participants, since the fun is really in the search; nevertheless, it's a good idea to provide a prize that everyone can share. If your company is holding the event and can be generous with gifts, make sure that the losing teams will get consolation prizes for their efforts; this way everybody wins and it will be more fun for everyone.
  3. The Clues. The clues lead to other clues until participants reach the final location and find the hidden treasure. You can make the clues as easy or as difficult as you wish, but be sure that it is not so complicated that no one can figure it out. Riddles, problem solving, treasure maps or puzzles can serve as clues once they are solved and can lead participants to the next location and clue.
  4. The Problems. Possible problems can arise on a treasure hunt, so you have to cover all of your bases when you organize one. An example is when you have all teams start at the same time with each reading the same set of clues. You will have all the teams going to each location at the same time and some teams may not even bother to read the clues since they can just follow the smarter teams. If each team will get to each clue at different times, make sure that the teams don’t embellish the clues or take them away so the other teams don't get misled.
  5. Putting it all Together. To avoid some of the abovementioned problems, you can have all of the teams in a holding area where they are isolated from the venue. Get the teams to draw straws to find out who goes first. The first team to go are given the first clue, then once they figure out where the next clue location is they can go there and find the next clue until they locate the treasure. Each team will be timed and the one with the shortest time wins the treasure hunt.

A treasure hunt is fun and enjoyable even for adults. If you team up people who don’t know each other at parties, it will give everyone a chance to get to know one another.


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