How To Paint a Plaid on a Craft Piece

Plaid is in! At least that's what the fashion enthusiasts are telling us. You can find plaid imprinted on anything wearable these days—dresses, bangles, caps, bags, scarves, and socks. So why not use a plaid design in your next art project? It's very simple. Just follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Choose a plaid design. You can basically combine any three colors to make a plaid design of your own. This will make your design more personal and, perhaps, artistic. You can even use this plaid design on series of craft projects that will definitely be associated with you. You can refer to Scottish clans for inspiration in this area. Different clans have their very own, distinct plaid design to identify their affiliation. If you're going to do this the first time, start with something simple. Tackle a more detailed plaid design once you are accustomed to making the plaid effect.
  2. Prepare your medium. You can basically design anything in plaid. You can make a canvas bag in plaid, paint your terracotta pot in plaid, or color your otherwise boring picture frame in plaid. It's up to you.
  3. Start painting. Paint your craft material with the background color of your plaid design. Make sure to paint it evenly. Let it dry.
  4. Bring out your dental floss. You will use this to create lines across your craft material. If this is too narrow for you, consider using thin ribbons. What you will do is to wrap both ends of the dental floss in your fingers in the same way that you would if you are using it to floss you teeth. Then, slightly dip the dental floss in your paint of choice and place the coated dental floss on the surface of craft material for a second or two. This will create an imprint of a straight line. For ribbons, coat one surface of the ribbon with paint and place it on the surface of your craft material. This will leave a wider line imprint than a dental floss would. Start from one end and work your way to the other end doing the same thing over and over again. The spacing will depend on your design.

After you are through with this, your craft material will now be in stripes. I guess that by now you know what to do next. Turn your object next and repeat the same process using a different paint color. By doing this, you will create squares that will eventually create the plaid effect. Let the paint dry.

A tip for beginners:  Consider using a dental floss and ribbon throughout your design for a more detailed plaid effect. Or, instead of dental floss or ribbons, you can also use a ruler to make lines. Dip the edge of the ruler on your paint of choice and stamp it briefly on the surface of your craft material. Use rulers with different thickness to create more texture.

Wasn't that easy? Try this painting technique in any of your craft projects and make it fashionable. Unleash your inner design diva!


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