How To Paint a Sky Using Acrylics

The sky presents a new artwork everyday. It can be a clear blue sky today but it might be a cloudy sky tomorrow. Fortunately, the sky is not the only artist that can paint colors. You can also paint a sky and paint it the way you want. Using acrylics will make this painting easier without suffering mediocre result. Acrylic paints are water-based, making them more flexible for painting skies.

Follow the steps below when painting sky using acrylic paints:

  • Prepare the canvass. Acrylic paints are best applied on a wet canvass. However, you don’t have to dampen the canvass with water. Simply use a damp big flat brush and then brush it on the canvass.
  • Mix the cloud color. What color of the sky will you use? For this article, we will stick to the usual sky-blue cloud. This color can be achieved by blending blue and some white acrylic paint. It’s okay if you did not blend the colors well. The existence of white and blue colors will help you get the realistic sky appearance.
  • Wet a brush with the sky’s color. Make sure that the brush is free of any other paint color before dipping it in the sky’s color. Do this by damping the brush in clean water and then squeezing off the water with a clean rug. Load the paint on the tip of a middle-sized flat brush. Now you are ready to paint the sky.
  • Paint the sky. Acrylic paint dries up fast so you need to paint fast, too. You may choose your own painting stroke but for this article, you should paint the brush across from the top of the canvass, going down. Paint it from left to right, right to left, and so on. Paint that color until you have painted the entire portion for the sky. As you continue on painting downwards, you will notice that the paint gets lighter.
  • Continue on painting the sky. You might notice that the color from the top is too dark compared to the color at the bottom. Don’t worry because you can easily fix that. Dip the brush in water and then remove the excess water by pressing it against the side of the water container. Brush the canvass from top to bottom. You will see that the water softens the paint, making it easier to distribute on other portion of the canvass. You may also use a bigger brush to spread out the color. Continue on doing this until you are satisfied with how your painted sky looks like.
  • Try other strokes. The steps above taught just one technique on how to paint a sky out of acrylic paint. Other painters will try to use other strokes to give it a little twist. Some would try to paint the sky in a small crisscross stroke. Others would attempt more challenging strokes. However, most of these strokes can be a bit difficult for the acrylic paint. Remember that this paint is water-based and its color can easily be faded with water. Although other strokes are possible, but the steps mentioned above is considered to be the best technique on how to paint a sky with acrylic paint.

After painting the sky, you can now add more elements on your painting like clouds, trees, water, snow, or people. It’s now up to you. At least, you’ve now created a good background for your acrylic painting.


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