How To Paint Aluminum Boats

Boat dusting

Aluminum is a great material, especially for boats. It is the ideal choice for those who want to build their own flat bottom fishing and hunting boats. For one, it is lightweight. Also, it is very durable and quite handy to work with.

Unfortunately, aluminum has one bad side. Some people find it difficult to paint, just like most of the metals that we use for boat construction. But despite the apparent challenge, experts talk about some tricks involved in painting your aluminum boat. The big secret relies on how you prepare your boat for the painting job. Here are the tips for you:

Set up your boat for your painting project. Look for a good working area. Aim for a wider space. It could be in your garage or just outside your house. Once you have chosen the space, mount your aluminum boat on two sawhorses. Make sure to balance it and place it facing up, as if it is floating on water. Positioning your aluminum boat off the ground provides you the flexibility to go all the way around it.

Sand your boat thoroughly. If your boat has been previously painted, you need to peel it off. You could stick a sheet of ordinary sandpaper to a block of wood and sand your boat. However, it would be more efficient to just utilize a hand-held electric sander. It would allow you to clean and smoothen out the entirety of your boat, in and out. Sanding your aluminum boat provides a wider surface area, letting the paint to stick all the way through.

Water hose your boat. Washing your boat with soap and warm water may not be enough. You may even need stiff bristles to get rid of the peelings. Then, to complete the cleaning process, rinse off your boat. Using the power spray nozzle of your water hose would certainly remove all the other debris produced in sanding your aluminum boat. When you boat is sparkling clean, let it air dry.

Prepare your painting area. Get some old newspapers. Roll them out on the floor of your painting area. They should catch all the paint splatters or drippings later. You should also maintain the good ventilation in the area, if you are in an enclosed space. Having electric fans around and opening all the available windows would help in keeping the ventilation at its best.

Use the right kind of paint for your aluminum boat
. Your paint should be water-resistant for obvious reasons. It should also be oil-based since aluminum is a type of metal. You should also thin your primer so the paint would easily find its way into the minuscule scrapings on your boat. Thinning your primer is easy. Simply mix a pint of thinner into a gallon of your paint. Although rollers and brushes are helpful, a paint sprayer could best apply your primer. Like any painting job, allow the primer to dry before you begin the second coating.

Once painted, don’t forget to spray a clear coat over your aluminum boat. Aside from making your boat look new, it would shield it against scratching and against the elements. When everything is completely dry, sail. Show off your newly painted creation.


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