How To Paint Flowers Using Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile types of art products that many artists use today. Painting flowers with this diverse pigment is quite easy. It often leaves you with a satisfying feeling mainly because of its beautiful outcome. This is why a lot of people find this an effective medium for ultimate relaxation. Learning this kind of skill can truly make any ordinary thing becomes extraordinary!  There are just some things that you first need to know when painting flowers with acrylics. Read on to learn more.

  • Getting to know acrylic paint. Before you start painting your own plants and flowers, make sure that you thoroughly educate yourself with acrylic paint. Know the various tips and tricks on how to properly apply acrylic on a canvass. Learn the colors and its effects that you can create when doing certain strokes and the like.
  • Choose your blooms. Envision the flowers that you want to paint in your head. Start with a big picture then slowly think about the details. If you are not sure on what to decide, think about specific flowers like roses, sunflowers, daisies, etc. and see which one you prefer.
  • Select your colors. The next thing that you need to do is to decide on what shades and hues that will look perfect on your chosen flower. For beginners, it is essential that you keep it simple at first. As soon as you get the hang of acrylic painting, then that's the time that you go on to the next level.
  • Get all the necessary tools. Go to the nearest art store and buy a canvas, a set of brushes (make sure you have a thick, small and a medium-sized brush), some acrylic paints on your preferred color, some water and paint board (this is where you will put the paint and make various color combinations).
  • Sketch an outline of the flower. Put the vision that you currently have in your head to the canvass. If you want to practice, you can draw it first on a piece of paper. As soon as you think that you are ready, then start outlining your way to the canvass. Take your time. Remember, this is not a contest. Make this as your outlet. Unwind yourself and leave your worries behind!
  • Start painting. Get your paint board and acrylic paints. Using your small brush (this is for details), outline the center of the flower. Slowly sweep your way out to the petals, down to the stems and leaves. Use your preferred colors.
  • Add some shadows. Start coloring the outline paint that you just did and carefully blend all the colors in. This will reduce the sharp texture, giving your art a completely soft look.

These are the things that you need to do when you want to paint flowers using acrylic paint. Remember, be creative and try thinking outside the box!  Do not limit yourself with just one style or stroke. Unleash the artist in you!  Before you know it, you are drawing and painting the best acrylic flowers in town. All you have to do is follow these very simple steps to the letter and you can never go wrong. Try it and you will see!  Good luck and have fun.


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