How To Perform the Danish Elephant Trick

Here is a fun way to wow all your friends at your next party. The Danish Elephant Trick is a guaranteed show stopper.  Don't worry if you're not a master magician, you don't have to be.  Just follow these step by step instructions, and you'll dazzle the crowd.

Before you even begin the trick, grab three pieces of paper.  Write the words "Elephant", "Grape", and "Denmark" on them.  Place them into an envelope, and seal it.  Place the sealed envelope onto a table, and begin to perform. Try to keep the envelope a secret, for now.  Pull  someone out of the crowd and ask them to execute the following steps:

  1. Pick a number between one and nine, and keep it to themselves.
  2. Subtract five from the number he or she has chosen.
  3. Multiply the new number by two.
  4. Subtract six from that number.
  5. Choose a letter of the alphabet that corresponds with that final number.
  6. Pick a country that begins with the letter chosen.
  7. Ask the volunteer to choose an animal that begins with the second letter of the country he or she picked.
  8. Tell them to recall what the color of that animal is.
  9. Lastly, ask the person to choose a fruit that begins with the first letter of the color of the animal.

At this point you will have all of your guests puzzled.  This is where the envelope comes into play.  Take the envelope off of the table.  Point out that is has been sitting there sealed the entire time.  Now it's time to ask the volunteer to tell everyone the country, animal, or fruit he or she picked.  Then have either yourself, your volunteer, or someone else in the audience open the envelope.  Trust me, everyone will be floored that you have such an amazing talent.

Statistically speaking, most people will choose Denmark, Elephant, or Grape. There is a chance, of course, that the trick won't work.  Have a joke prepared before hand if this unfortunate outcome occurs.  Make it just as fun for everyone if the trick works, or if you fall flat on your face!


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