How To Perform the Three Burglars Trick

Card tricks are a great way to provide entertainment to a friend, family or an entire audience of people.  The following popular trick is wonderful if you're looking to enthrall the people you know.  All you need to perform this trick is a deck of cards . . . and a sense of fun!  If you don't understand how this trick works on the first try, do it with only yourself as the audience and hold the deck of cards face up, so you can see exactly how the trick works.

  1. Begin preparing for the Trick of the Three Burglars by separating two Kings and one Jack from the deck of cards and positioning them at the bottom of the pile.  Place the Jack between the two kings.
  2. Take an additional King and the three remaining Jacks and separate them from the rest of the deck.  Without fanning the deck show your audience the three Jacks and explain that these are the Three Burglars.  Additionally, tell them that the deck of cards is the house that the three Jacks will rob.
  3. Put one of the Burglars (Jacks) on the bottom of the deck.  Tell your crowd that this Burglar went through the front door of the house.
  4. Likewise, place another Burglar on the top of the pile of cards, and explain that this Burglar went in to the house through the back door.
  5. The third Burglar did not go in through any doors; rather he entered into the house being robbed via a window.  This is shown by slipping the Jack into the middle of the deck.
  6. The remaining card that is separate from the rest of the cards is the King.  Hold up this card and declare the King as the Detective.  The Detective will be the one to chase after the Three Burglars that are robbing the house.  After saying this, position the Detective at the bottom of the pile.  This shows the audience that the Detective is hunting for the robbers, following them into the house through the front door.
  7. Tell the people watching your deck that the Detective chased the Burglars the whole night.  By cutting the deck a few times you can demonstrate this point.
  8. The final step in this trick is showing how all Three Burglars were caught by the Detective in the morning. Display this by fanning out the deck of cards and reveal a sequence of King-Jack-King-Jack-King-Jack somewhere in the middle of the deck of cards.


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