How To Personalize Your Pillow Case

Colorful pillow cases

Pillows are created and designed to provide comfort and support to the head, neck, and body. You can find different types of pillows at department and furniture stores across the nation. While there are specialized pillows crafted for support and comfort, there are pillowcases designed for hygienic, aesthetic and home improvement purposes. A pillowcase can also be a fun and unique gift idea if you know how to employ your personal touch. You do not even need to buy anything special for this project, as long as you are creative and make use of your available resources.

Follow these steps and you will find that making your own customized pillowcase is actually easy.

  1. Select a fabric for your pillowcase project. Among the many types of fabrics you can use are cotton, satin, taffetas, organdie, and many more. You do not need to spend a lot on fabrics, as you can choose to recycle old or existing materials around your house such as silk sheets, curtains, table cloths, coats, etc. You may need to consider using hypoallergenic or organic fabrics for hygienic purposes especially if you have sensitive skin or if you are creating a pillowcase as a gift. Some fabrics, no matter how costly and beautiful, trigger allergies or skin conditions.
  2. You can search on the internet or browse through home improvement magazines  to give yourself ideas on the style and design of your pillowcase. You can choose to embroider, dye, hand paint, quilt, or cross stitch your pattern, whether text or image, depending on your preference or craft. If you do not have much skill in needlework, do not worry. Embroidery kits, quilt patterns, cross stitch patterns and other guides to sewing are available in craft stores and can also be downloaded from the internet - often for free. These are guides which you can easily follow and use on your personalized pillowcase. You can have your name or your loved one’s as the design, an image of your favorite cartoon character, shapes, initials, and so on.
  3. Even if you do not have a pattern, sewing and designing your pillow case is simple. The easiest way is to measure the pillow and ensure that you add enough seam allowance to your measurements.
  4. Cut the measured material out of your chosen fabric and fold the pillowcase in half.
  5. Sew on the long side and the short side with at least a half inch allowance.
  6. Trim the hem with lace or ribbons depending on your style.
  7. Incorporate the design you decided on.  Once it's finished, you can add beads, buttons or any other embellishment you want to include.
  8. Voila! You now have your personalized pillowcase.

You can also have your pillowcase personalized through gift shops and craft stores which provide machine embroidery, hand painting and other creative services. You can now even customize your pillowcase with your own photo on it.


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