How To Pick Songs for a Karaoke Contest

Karaoke, the once simple means of entertainment at a bar or casino, has now become a popular craze as singing contests. Gone are the days that you can just grab the microphone and sing songs out of tune so long as you have fun and a few laughs with your friends and other bar patrons. These days, singing karaoke gives you a chance to win prizes and maybe even a chance to be known all over the world. If you want to try your luck with karaoke and give it your best shot, here are some tips on picking the best song that can get you that prize and fame.

  1. Pick a song that is currently popular. If you can sing a song or two of the most popular songs to date, you will easily gain the audience’s favor, and they will surely cheer you on. Now you might say that most people might be more drawn to something unusual, but the case is, if your audience has never heard the song before, they would not be able to follow you through and you will lose a great amount of audience impact. The newest catchy songs will even get the audience to sing along with you.
  2. Pick a song that is familiar to you. Even if the song is not entirely new, but you know that a lot of people love it, including you, chances are, you will have a better performance in singing that song. We all have favorite songs in mind, and it is strongly suggested that you practice these songs the most, because they are the ones that you can deliver best and with feeling. If you can relate to the song, you might even be able to dress the part. But remember to dress accordingly. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb because you chose a hippie look and sang the Bohemian Rhapsody.
  3. Pick a song that your vocal chords can reach. If you have a low-pitched voice, don’t even try aiming for songs that are for high-pitched voices. You’ll end up ruining the song and your chances at winning anything. Another plus for picking a song that is fit for your tone is that it will feel more natural, both to you and your audience.
  4. Pick the classics. If you are the type to come with a bit of a flare, pick the classics. No matter what the age range, we know all about the classics. A legend like Frank Sinatra can win you a pretty decent vote; just remember to sing it with all you’ve got.

With karaoke becoming so highly competitive, you must keep yourself knowledgeable of the songs that you can and cannot perform. It is not about who won with what song, because in the end, it’s your own style that will make you stand out. So keep up, keep practicing, and know that the challenge is open to the world for the taking.


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