How To Plan a Treasure Hunt for Kids

Treasure hunts are a creative way of managing a group of lively and energetic youngsters in any party. And what is good about treasure hunts is that these can be done both indoors and outdoors. Add to that the fact that treasure hunts are a cheap way of entertaining kids as well. Planning a treasure hunt can be intimidating, especially for a first time parent. Here's how to spice up your kid's birthday party with a good old treasure hunting activity.

  1. Prepare the goodies for the kids first. What good is a treasure hunt if there are no goodies? Make sure that you prepare these first. Prepare as many goody bags as you can for additional prizes. Also, be creative in thinking of items that will be put in the goody bags. Aside from having the usual candies and sweets, why not put coloring books, simple puzzles, drawing books and crayons in as well?
  2. Create your very own treasure map. Of course, your treasure map will be based on the venue of the party. If it will be in your home's backyard, then simply draw in the significant details like the garden set or the trampoline on the treasure map. It would be best if this treasure map has big and colorful pictures as this will be the used for guidance by the kids.
  3. Start creating the clues for the treasure hunt. Make sure that each clue will lead to the next one. For a party with preschoolers, it would probably be best to have colorful drawings or photographs for the clues. You can also use simple riddles or popular poems as clues for slightly older elementary kids.
  4. Start hiding the clues and the treasures. Make sure that the clues are written on a colorful piece of paper. If the clue is a thing, then make sure that it will be easily distinguishable by putting it in a brightly colored box. Of course, start hiding the treasures as well. Make sure that you do this way before the party starts without the presence of your kids to make sure the location of the clues and the treasures stay secret.

If you will be expecting many guests, then it might be good to divide them into groups. Bear in mind that a memorable party for your child need not be expensive and extravagant. And planning a treasure hunt for kids will surely guarantee a good time, not only for the kids but for the adults as well.


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