How To Plan Themes and Games for a Kitty Party

A kitty party is a party where women meet, discuss, have fun and enjoy. Usually these are parties where only women and girls are invited. Though kitty parties have contests and games for fun, they also have several agendas. These range from birthdays, debuts, beauty consultations, fashion modeling to fund raising and building orphanages. Hosting a kitty party needs sufficient budget and planning. Formulate party ideas and send out invitations. You can order supplies to be delivered right to your doorstep unless you are ordering catering services. It is important to keep in mind that kitty parties are not similar to other parties, which place much emphasis on the sumptuous food. Here are some themes, ideas and games suitable for a kitty party.

Kitty Games.
Most of the games need not be complicated. Just prepare any common games that ladies, both young and old will find enjoyable. Before deciding any game, you might have to consider the things you need to play those games and the space where participants could jostle in the fun. For kitty birthdays, you have the choice to host pie eating contests. A popular game called dummy is fun. In this game, the participants dance to the rhythm of music. Upon the halt of the music, the players should pause and stay still. If anybody swings a movement, she is punished with a dare.

Another popular kitty game is the newspaper dance. Teams of twos play with a page of newspaper. They dance with the music. When the music halts, each team must attempt to step on the paper without having any part of their soles touch the ground. For every successful attempt, the newspaper is folded into smaller sizes, making it harder to stay balanced and avoid toppling on the ground.

Another kitty game is musical chairs. A dozen people can play this game. All you need is an equal number of chairs arranged in a circle. Add another person into the game and then play the music. They all dance while encircling the chairs. At the halt of the music, they would pounce on the vacant chairs. The unfortunate ones are left out as the chairs get lesser and lesser. There are many kitty games to choose from. Just keep in mind that there are some people who are left out, so it better to have some board and card games at hand for loners who are engaged in serious conversations.

Kitty Themes. A theme for a kitty party can vary from the ever-popular Hello Kitty theme to the vivacious Indian kitty party theme. You can even put together your very own theme, which depends on your personality, such as a Star Wars theme, Power Puff Girls theme or even the Sailor Moon theme. Whatever you decide, you might consider informing the guests ahead of time what costumes or mode of attire they should wear. Most lady parties such as college celebrations integrate party music and vibrant discotheque lights into the scene.

The main element of a successful kitty party is to please everybody through various activities, whether it might be communal dinner, games or dances. You might consider adding more games, food or chairs, but the guests’ participation in the activities is more important.


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