How To Play a Beastlord (EverQuest)

In the massively multiplayer online game, EverQuest, sixteen player races are at your avail. Each and every race has their own special abilities, skills, spells, equipment, and has a pre-determined group of classes to choose from. There are advantages and disadvantages to every class and race in the game, and it becomes a matter of how a player likes to fight in battle, whether it be through melee combat, ranged, magic, or by being a support class to help others. This guide will give detailed instructions and information on how to play the Beastlord in EverQuest to the best of the class’s ability, as well as identifying unique aspects of the class.

The Beastlord is a wisdom-based pet class that relies heavily on their pet to assist them in fighting while yielding excellent melee abilities and spells that can turn the tides of any battle very quickly. The definition of a “pet” in an MMO is a non-player character that is not played individually by a human, but is controlled by the owner with the purpose of adding a unique strategic element to the class where a very skilled player can take advantage of and put themselves in a position to defeat their enemy.

A hybrid class is the combination of two different classes, and the Beastlords classes are Monk and Shaman. The spiritual spells of the Shaman and the ability to summon a spirit warder along with the melee fighting abilities of the Monk. Each race contains exclusive spirit warders: Barbarian has ferocious ice wolves, Iksar is fitted with beastly scaled wolves, Ogres are matched in size with gigantic brown bears, Trolls have devilish alligators, and lastly the Vah Shir has tigers representing their primal ancestor.

One of the main strengths of playing the Beastlord is that the pet allows for some very high damage output in the beginning levels of the game and low level spells that can alter the battle to favor your side in seconds. The melee abilities of the EverQuest Beastlord mediocre at best, so the dangerous spells and sturdy pets are a must to make this class complete. The spirit warder is able to do half the damage that the Beastlord is able to execute. Several incredible spells that the Beastlord can utilize are slow spells that decrease the attack speed of the opponent, therefore allowing the character and his pet to lay down a severe amount of damage while he is slowed.

The Beastlord has an impressive set of menacing direct damage spells that can cause some serious damage to any opponent, however the recast times are extensive therefore they are vital for one on one combat where several direct damage spells and constant attacking can take an enemy down quickly. Also, in the heat of the battle, using the Beastlord has quite a few advantages such as being able to healing themselves as well as their pets so that they can almost immediately reenter the fray to take down enemies. The last supply of spells in the Beastlords arsenal are regeneration spells that can stack with the even more powerful Enchanter spells to create a wicked combination of enhanced attributes.

The two primary roles of a Beastlord in groups are slowing the enemies down and dealing a massive amount of damage. In the middle to higher levels of the game, damage output from enemies is too powerful for even healers to maintain the lives of tanks who absorb the bulk of the outrage. This is where the slow spells of the Beastlord become very useful and they are often placed into groups solely for that ability. As far as the damage dealing goes, they have the ability to keep up with other high damage classes in the game. Ultimately, the Beastlord is an all-around hybrid class that can fend for themselves in solo adventures as well as making great group contributions.


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