How To Play Air Fortress

Air Fortress has been rated one of the most difficult games to play in the Nintendo era, especially in the US and some countries in Europe. It has also spawned a lot of spoofs on puzzle and adventure games today and even influenced the successful movie Independence Day.

In Air Fortress, you will take on the role of Hal Bailman as the sole hero determined to destroy the dominating villains called Air Fortresses. This is certainly not your typical castles and princess game. Read on to start going for the adventure that will shake the child out of you.

  1. Hit the enemies. There are basically two main stages in this game. The first part is in the side-shooter interface, meaning you will use Hal Bailman’s spaceship from the side view, navigating up and down, and left and right with your key pads. You do not need to worry about getting lost in the game: the ship is automated and your spaceship will automatically go on its way. Use the designated keys to obliterate the enemies. You can use the special key to blast your enemies out using the powerful crash beam bullets.
  2. Dodge away from the enemy ships if they are left alive and stay away from the protruding structures. Because your ship is in automated mode, you are always in the onward move. Therefore, avoid crashing into the mountains and structures that you cannot destroy. This part of the game tests your ability to go though obstacles.
  3. Collect energy balls and bonuses. During the span of the game, you would encounter floating balls of energy, which is essential for your survival. Moreover, there are also crash beam bullets that would give you astounding firepower. You can eliminate the weaker vessels using a single shot of these bullets, so it is very advisable to pick them up. Nonetheless, do not try to get them if you are in a tough situation. Remember that you only have three lives, and your life has more value that your bullets.
  4. Destroy the enemy’s technologies if possible. Inside an air fortress, there are many hostile structures that are built to kill you. Hit them to gather points and to lessen your probability of being hit especially if you are in the middle of a fatal crossfire.
  5. Navigate through the Air Fortresses innards. Once you finish the first part, you will now enter in another mode of gameplay, in which you will use Hal Bailman itself, and you will now look for the core of the mother Air Fortress and eliminate them once and for all. Tactically use your bullets to hit the enemies that you will encounter. When you are walking, energy will be drained from you. You can preserve energy by occasionally taking pauses. This is advisable because there may be instances wherein you might get into a difficult situation and it is necessary for you to flee. If you do not have enough energy, you will get caught and eventually be killed.
  6. Look for cheats on the Internet. If you want to play dirty and are itching to see the game’s ending, you can look at these cheats in

Buying Air Fortress is worth an investment for your fun and recreation. You will not get a lot of trouble once you put these basic instructions in mind.


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