How To Play Beyblades

Are you a fan of tops who wishes that their simple game could be a bit more of an adventure? Well, welcome to the world of Beyblades, where a simple game of tops turns into an epic battle between ferocious beasts, where skill and luck count just as much as how well you can spin your top. Ready to get into the action? Just follow these simple instructions and you'll be spinning like the best of them.

Each Beyblade is made of important elements, so the first thing you need to do to battle your best in Beyblades is to know the basic components of your Beyblades. One of the most important parts of your Beyblade is the Spin Gear, which determines, how fast, how far, and in what direction your Beyblade will move. Next, you have your attack ring, which will determine what effect the Beyblade will have when it hits other Beyblades. For instance, some are set up with stronger defense, which means it can take more hits from other Beyblades and keep on going, while others are made more for Attack, where you'll do a lot more damage with each hit. You also have the Weight Disk, which will affect not only how well you attack and defense, but how long your top will remain spinning, also a very important part of the game. Finally, you have your Beyblade's Base, which is your final tool in decided your attack, defense endurance levels. All of these pieces are interchangeable, making the options for different Beyblades nearly endless.

Now that you've got your Beyblade built to exact specifications, you let it rip, pulling the cord and letting it go into the arena, or "Beydium", and hope that yours comes out on top. How do win the game? Well, the point is to have the last spinning Beyblade, but there are a number of different ways to succeed in a game. First, like in traditional tops, you knock your opponent out of the ring. Another way to win a game is to make the opponent's Beyblade stop spinning, thereby making your Beyblade the final spinning top. Finally, you can simply make sure your Beyblade continues to spin, thereby assuring your victory over your opponent.


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