How To Play Bingo Online

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Bingo has a long history. It dates back to the year 1530 when a state-run lottery known as "Lo Gioco del Lotto d'Italia" began in Italy. 

Americans popularized the game in the early twentieth century. Most of us learned bingo as a kid. Many adults still play it at their local place of worship.

But you can also play bingo online. You can play bingo online for money or just play free bingo online. 

However you want to play bingo, you do need to learn the rules. We want to help you become an online bingo winner. 

Keep reading to learn how to play. 

How to Play Bingo Online

Online bingo is similar to the game you'll find at a bingo hall. However, you can play these games on your cell or in the comfort of your own home. 

You can also choose to play for money or prizes or play free bingo online. You can try both options by visiting Blighty Bingo

Random Numbers are Called

The game is played by having numbers called or drawn at random. Players work to cross off a line or pattern of numbers before anyone else.

Patterns can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even other pre-determined shapes or patterns.

How Online Bingo Differs From Bingo IRL (In Real Life)

Any cards you don't want, you can opt to switch them out for new cards. 

Playing online lets you customize your settings. You can select whatever color you want to use to daub your bingo card. And, you can either daub the card yourself or have it done automatically.

Sign In to Cash Out

You'll also have to choose a username in order to begin playing. Supply your real email address so that you can cash in on any prizes you win.

Playing online allows you the opportunity to win larger cash prizes and/or redeem your online money for gift certificates. 

What You'll See On Your Screen

The main bingo card is a pop-up window. It contains certain information such as:

  • Your card faces (there are usually three)
  • The current number being called
  • A tote board containing all previously called numbers
  • A list of all current players
  • A chat room

The chat room is where players can communicate with one another. If you'd like to chat with someone during the game, simply type into the chat box under your card and press the "Enter" key. 

Extra Bingo Bonuses

Online bingo games are fun because it offers extra bonuses you don't typically get playing regular bingo. There's usually news about bingo including information about upcoming special tournaments and events.

There are also pictures and comments from past bingo winners. You can even view a list of prizes or places where you can redeem any gift certificates you win online. 

Rules for Having Fun Playing Online Bingo Games

Do yourself a favor and learn the bingo lingo. Other players will use abbreviated words in the chatbox and it helps to understand what they're talking about. 

Always be polite and follow the rules. This is a game, not war, so make sure you understand the rules and conditions before you spend any money playing. 

Keep Learning New Things

Now that you know how to play bingo online, it's time to have some fun. But don't forget that a well-rounded person doesn't sit and play bingo online all day long.

They continue to learn and grow. We can help. Keep coming back to our site to learn something new every day. 


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