How To Play Bizz Buzz

You're at party and there's a long lull in the action, what can you do? Well, you can sit around making polite small talk, or you can play a fun game, like BizzBuzz. Whether drunk or sober, BizzBuzz is a simple game that will test your intellect, wits and concentration, and maybe even help you make a fool of your friends.

Playing BizzBuzz is so simple, even a child could do it. You begin by getting a group of people and sitting in a circle. The first person in the circle begins counting, and you move around the circle counter-clockwise, with each person saying the next number. If a person comes to a number that is a multiple of seven, or has a seven in it, they have to say "Bizz." If, instead, that person comes across a multiple of five, or a number with a five in it, they have to say"Buzz." If you're lucky enough to come across a number with both a five and a seven in it (such as 57), or that is a multiple of seven and five (such as 35), you have to say "BizzBuzz." It sounds extremely easy at first, but as the number gets bigger, and, many times, as the group gets drunker, it gets more difficult, and more embarrassing for the losers. If someone forgets to say Bizz, Buzz, BizzBuzz, or says the wrong number, they are removed from the game, and the group starts again with one.

For even more fun, you can choose to play BizzBuzz with certain variations. One fun change to the rules is to institute directional changes, where every time someone gets a Bizz or a Buzz, they have to change the direction, making is players have to pay even closer attention to what number comes next, making the game that much more challenging, and that much more fun. The game can also be played using different numbers, or even in other base sets, if you're looking for even more of a challenge.

Though most commonly thought of as a drinking game, this is game is a fun and challenging endeavor no matter what your sobriety level. It's a great way to kill some dead time at the house, or rekindling the ashes of a party.


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